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It’s a unicorn! No wait; it’s a dragon! No…it’s BOTH! Yes both! Just Flip it!


This is a truly unique stuffed animal! The FlipaZoo is literally two in one! It’s half dinosaur but when you pull back the bottom half and flip it over, it transforms into a uniform!


This is a truly original idea and really helps solve the problem of kids getting easily bored of playing with the same toys. In my house stuffed animals to be the thing they originally love the most but then get tired of quickly. Not so with FlipaZoo! There are a few reasons why.

First of all, it can also double as a snuggly pillow that’s super comfy to snuggle with! I’ve walked in the room many times to find my kids laying on it like a pillow or just holding and resting their arms on it to snuggle!


Since it’s two different animals, it also appeals to two of my children! Paige is a girl so she loves the sweet unicorn side!


My son Jax likes the dragon and plays with it right alongside his figurines and other toys.


There is one major problem with the FlipaZoo. Since it’s two toys in one, only one kid can have it at a time! Since there is a “girly” side and a “boy” side to this one, it appeals to two of my kids and they fight over it! We have had to work out a joint custody arrangement! The upside to that is reaffirming lessons about sharing and teaching a little time management to them!


I was surprised to find the FlipaZoo for only $19.99! It’s been my experience that stuffed animals are usually highly overpriced. It’s such good quality and so well made with lots of attention to detail that I expected it to be closer to the $40 range.


It comes in three different sizes and right now when you order the regular size you get a FREE matching little FlipaZoo. That could help solve the sharing problem! Beginning this month they will also be available at your local Walmart.

This is a truly creative, original idea for stuffed animals that keep kids entertained and gives them something soft and sweet to cuddle with. You can enter to win one below!




Product Description

The must-have snuggable, huggable animal pals magically transform from one animal to another and then back again – making every FlipaZoo twice as nice. With the new line’s patented one-of-a-kind “easy flip” designs, little ones can simply hold their favorite two-sided FlipaZoo friend, “flip” its soft back, and instantly reveal a totally new FlipaZoo!

The adorable new FlipaZoo collection features more than a dozen stand-out characters – including the clever Cat/Mouse, mystical Unicorn/Dragon, and fiercely-fun Elephant/Tiger.

The new FlipaZoo assortment will pounce exclusively into Walmart stores nationwide this July.


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  2. Veronica vaughn says:

    The dragon unicorn for sure

  3. amy stonger says:

    I love the dragon/unicorn combo.

  4. My daughter loves the cat/mouse one.

  5. Rochel S says:

    Husky Polar bear

  6. Justin Tan says:

    Love the unicorn dragon one

  7. i love the elephant/tiger

  8. Love the Unicorn/Dragon!!

  9. Trisha Burgess says:

    I love the elephant to tiger one!

  10. Turtle

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