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The last week of school my elementary aged kids got to experience field day so that made reading Ginny Louise and the School Field Day really fun for them! Their field day looked a little different than Ginny’s but the idea was the same!

This is the first Ginny Louise book we’ve read but all three of my kids aged 8, 6 and 2 loved her and her friends! I thinks she is some kind of a mole or opossum but don’t quote me on that! Her friends include a raccoon, squirrel and mouse and there are lots of other animals including pigs and a porcupine. It’s fun that these types of animals that don’t usually star in books were used. To me they are the equivalent of “normal” kids instead of always using the perfect ones like the typical bunnies and cutesy animals. It just makes them seem more real and relatable if that makes sense relating to animal world!

Ginny and her friends are enjoying field day where they play lots of games and compete against each other. Some troublemakers don’t quite play fair in the games which sadly, is often the case in real life. This was a great door opener to talk to my elementary aged kids who already have much experience with this. How do you handle kids that don’t play fair and cheat? These animals learned the hard way when cheating didn’t go as planned. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen and sometimes cheaters DO prosper! Or so it appears. I talked to my kids about cheating and that in the long run, even if it looks like they’re getting away with something, they won’t in the long run.

There is a lot of rhyming which ads some lyrical sense to the book and I liked that the writing was simple, straight to the point and no nonsense! She writes like kids talk. They don’t get all wordy like adults and waste their breath. They just tell it like it is!

Ginny Louise and the School Field Day was a great read and moral lesson for my kiddos. She’s a unique character with equally unique friends that we immediately loved!


About the Book

Nobody loves Truman Elementary more than Ginny Louise. She didn’t think school could get any better until–
School Field Day!

Ball throws, long jumps, tug-of-war, and, to top it all off, a sack race! Ginny Louise is game for it all.

But the Truman Elementary Troublemakers, Cap’n Catastrophe, Destructo Dude, and Make-My-Day May, aren’t playing fair. When they go too far, can Ginny Louise use her irrepressible good humor to give everyone a reason to cheer?

Jaws will drop and eyes will pop before this School Field Day crosses the finish line.

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