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While I enjoy every single Chicken Soup for the Soul book I was especially looking forward to The Joy of Less! As a self proclaimed minimalist I am constantly trying to get rid of excess, both literally and figuratively. I wanted to read these stories not only for their usual inspiration, but also for ideas on what else I could have less of!

We live in a possession obsessed culture but that can often leave people fleeing even more empty and alone when trying to fulfill themselves with things. This book focuses on things we can really do without and the results of those actions.

I think my favorite section was Joyfully Unplugged because I found it the most relatable. This generation is so obsessed with all things electronic, especially smartphones and tablets. Even my elementary school kids would prefer playing on their iPad than playing outside. It’s sad really. My parents got rid of our TV growing up and I think we were better off for it. These stories demonstrate what can happen when you unplug!

The Joy of Starting Over was also inspirational as people told stories of moving and starting over with little to nothing. A fresh start can be life changing so people leave a lot of baggage behind to start their new adventures in life. Goodbye TV also reminded me of how I grew up without one and think I was better off for it.

Whether it be getting rid of stuff or emotional things we need to leave in the past, The Joy of Less has stories of inspiration for all!


About the Book

In the Age of Disposables—fashion, phones, glasses, and even friends!—some people are finding joy by rediscovering the simple life. They’re cleaning house, both literally and figuratively, and finding themselves better for it. By getting rid of excess “stuff” and trimming down their over-filled schedules, they feel happier and more fulfilled than ever before. It’s really true that little can go a long way.

With Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less, spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning. You’ll read stories about people who found happiness in an unlikely way: by saying no. No to buying more stuff, no to taking on additional time-filling commitments, and no to trying to please everyone all of the time.

In this book you’ll also meet people who have found contentment in simplicity by spending time with their family during “staycations.” You’ll also read about people who cut out some of the everyday stressors in life by simply “unplugging” by turning off their smartphones and staying away from the Internet for a day. It’s amazing what a little break can do.

You’ll even meet people who lost almost everything, but found happiness rediscovering who they really are and turning catastrophe into opportunity. When forced to simplify because the going gets tough, the tough get creative and find ways to flourish.

Whether it’s cleaning out your closets and holding a yard sale or taking a stand for your wellbeing by keeping time to yourself, there are a hundred different ways to find joy in less.


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