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My six year old daughter Paige is my artistic child. She is constantly making her own creations from drawings and paintings to sculptures made from random materials. She absolutely loves anything to do with art! The last day of school she made pictures for all her friends and wrote something specific that she liked about each one!

It’s hard to keep supplies in the house for her because she goes through them so quickly. When I saw the new Rainbow Prancers™ markers, I knew she would love them as much as she loved the Rainbow Prancers™ puppets we got her. Six months later and she still plays with them regularly!


The markers look just like their bigger counterparts, only smaller size with markers on the end. They are still working puppets which I love! Paige calls them the babies of her other puppets since they are smaller versions.



I love how the tip is covered in a clear star. It just ads to the whimsy and magic of the design. You can make the mouths open and close by pulling the small tab in the back and it’s a working puppet!


Paige absolutely loves this set and uses it all the time. It’s still going strong after about a month of continuous use.


I wasn’t sure if they would be good markers since the focus of the design is so much on the toy puppet but they seem to be of top quality as well. Once they do run out of ink, however, they won’t have lost their usefulness since they are still a cute puppet!


The only downside in my opinion is that there are just three colors in blue, pink and purple. Luckily they are my daughters three favorite colors but it’d be nice if they added to the set at some point! The Rainbow Prancers™ Puppet on a Stick™ Markers are a huge hit with Paige that have left her wanting more!




Product Description

The Big Idea
Perfect for pretend play and artistic expression, these ready-to-write-and-draw versions of our best-selling Rainbow Prancers™ feature felt-tip markers in bright, beautiful colors and flowing, multi-colored manes. Add a little magic to your next puppet show or coloring session!

Shhh…They’re Learning!
Encourages self-expression, creativity, and imagination
Helps develop communication skills
Helps advance fine motor skills

Cut to the Chase
3 Magical unicorn puppets and markers in one with multi-colored, braid-able manes and muzzles that open and close
Non-toxic, felt-tip markers in blue, pink, and purple ink—each with a star cap
Great for creative expression, puppet shows, YouTube videos, and more


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