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I recently shared about the first Land that I Love book God Bless America and now we’ve started reading the individual states! While the first book explored the country in general, God Bless Florida is specific to the landmarks and cities of the sunshine state.

Henry the bear loves to go on adventures and visit famous places and Florida is on his list for the day. Florida is a state I’ve had the privilege of visiting so it was fun reading this book to my kids and point out and discussing the places I’d been.

Like the first book it’s written in rhyme which makes it very catchy and easy to remember which is important with books involving geography and history because it helps with memorization.

The illustrations are adorable and bring to life these great places. When he sets off his bag is filled with the beach and sun filled things Florida is famous for. I like that he visits both historical places like monuments and capitals as well as fun places like the Daytona races and Disneyland. It’s a great representation of the state covering all areas of interest.

I like that the book ends with Henry praying and thanking God for all the wonderful things in Florida. It’s important to teach kids to say thanks when they pray and I always like my kids prayers to include what we did that day. God Bless Florida is a great addition to the Land that I Love Books and I can’t wait to explore the next!




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Take a tour of the most amazing landmarks and cities in Florida! God Bless Florida will show readers how special their state is and how God made such a wonderful place for us to live..

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