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I live in a really small town so everyone gets super excited whenever we get new stores! I have to drive twenty minutes to shop at some of my favorite stores so it’s big news when a new one opens.

I had heard of ALDI before but never shopped there, until now! All the town was a buzz about it and I was hearing a lot of rave reviews. Of course I had to check it out for myself!

Luckily a friend had told me ahead of time I needed to bring my own shopping bags. That would have been awkward! In California a law is actually going into effect that makes plastic bags illegal! Inconvenient? Yes! But a necessary step to take in preserving our environment? Absolutely! (I discovered in line they also sell reusable bags for 10 cents!)

Another thing I heard about was the quarter system. At first I didn’t understand the reasoning behind having to deposit a quarter to use a shopping cart if they were going to give it back to you when you returned it anyway. What’s the point?


Well the point is it’s just enough that people will take the time to return their shopping cart thus eliminating the need for extra employees to collect them! Not to mention the preservation of paint jobs! My van has quite a few dings from runaway shopping carts!


All that to say, I was prepared for my first Aldi shopping trip armed with my quarter and my reusable shopping bags. Other than those two things I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.


I started in the snack aisle and noticed right away that most prices were half what I normally pay. They also had a really large selection.

Next I picked out a couple bottles of my favorite wines. It wasn’t a huge selection but they had what I wanted and a good variety of brands and flavors.


I think I was most impressed with the produce. It was much cheaper than my regular store and had everything I needed. It was also organic! Usually in grocery stores the organic section is very small and separate from the rest. It is also about four times the price for the same items. At ALDI the prices are just as low as the rest of their items.


My favorite score of the day was raspberries for half the price of regular stores. I never buy them because they are usually over $4 for a small container so this was definitely a special treat! They are so sweet and delicious!


I also saw Pineapples and my daughter had just mentioned she wanted to try one so I got her a whole one for just $1.29! It’s so much funner to buy things in their original form than cut up, processed and stuck in a can!


I had the most fun in the ALDI finds aisle where they had cute swimsuits, towels, water table and many other fun summer items for really low prices! I’ll definitely be getting some things from there on my next trip. I also noticed tools and gadgets my husband will definitely be interested in!


The meats were good and again, low prices and they also had many frozen items to offer.


I liked the way that they were organized and divided with clearly labeled signs and there were actual prices one everything which is rare these days!
IMG_4247I don’t know if I just got lucky or if this is normal but I had a super fast checker who was keeping up with me putting things on the belt. Their system is a little different where they just put everything back in the cart and you pull to the side and bag it yourself after paying. If eliminating the need to pay baggers keep prices down, I’m all for it!

Another way that they keep costs low is by using their own brands instead of name brands like SimplyNature®, liveGfree with gluten free foods and Specially Selected. I really appreciate the gluten free because I try to keep my oldest son away from gluten due to digestive issues. There were plenty of name brands to be found but I went with all their brands to keep costs down.

As a mom of three kids, I really liked that the carts had seat belts that retracted inside so they’re not just hanging out getting worn and shredded. I think finding a cart with a working seat belt is rare these days and with a two year old, I need it! There are also TWO of them so those of us with more than one kid can contain at least two of them and safely strap them in!


Overall a very positive shopping experience. My grocery bill was half what it usually is. There wasn’t anything on my list that I couldn’t get. There were a few things like cereal and lunchables that they didn’t have a huge selection of but I still got what I needed.

The thing that really stands out to me is the quality coupled with the low prices. I’ve shopped at stores like this before and usually, the quality is sacrificed for low price. These food items were all better quality than what I usually buy for half the price. You can’t beat that!

After seeing the difference in my grocery bill and seeing their selection, I’m definitely going to make ALDI my primary grocery store!




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  1. Good review! I’ve been fortunate to shop at Aldi for several years. The checkers *are* usually very fast and efficient! And, the prices cannot be beat… except perhaps if one is wanting to buy in bulk. The selection is great, too. (I prefer getting my peanut butter some place other than Aldi simply because I’m “spoiled” and like my name-brand peanut butter. Also, there are a few cleaning supplies, toiletries, and things like light bulbs that you cannot always get at Aldi.) But, similar to you… overall, I give Aldi a HUGE thumb’s up!

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