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I have been having a lot of fun with my two year old the last few months who has suddenly developed a real love of books! Since he is a toddler and likes to be in control of everything, I usually get him board books so that he can turn the pages himself and look at them without doing damage.

We just received some of the Land that I Love books that explores our country. What a perfect introduction to geography for toddlers! The first book we read God Bless America explores some of the landmarks in our country.

The book is written in rhyme which is always great for toddlers. I like that after I’ve read it a few times he starts to say the ending words with me that rhyme because it’s helped him to memorize them.

In this book we meet Henry, a bear who is going to go on a little tour of the United States! I actually had fun with this one because I have been to a lot of these places so it was like talking a walk down memory lane for me! Since I had visited many, I was able to elaborate more on some historic details so it was a great little history lesson as well!

Now the practical side of me didn’t like that Henry the bear was able to travel all around the United States in a car in a day! My toddler didn’t think about how that’s not possible but as he’s older, it could be confusing. Time and distance are not concepts they understand right now but I don’t like him thinking that it’s possible to get to New York by car in less than a day. That’s just my type A personality with logic and reasoning coming through.

The illustrations are wonderful and seemingly accurate with their depictions of famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the National Mall. God Bless America is a great little history lesson and introduction to many of America’s landmarks for toddlers!



About the Book

The Land That I Love Book series will show little ones how God crafted the nation and each state for you and me. In God Bless America, children will enjoy learning about America’s landmarks and cities and how God made a wonderful place for us to live.

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