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I had the privilege of doing a Bible study and video series by Priscilla Shirer and just fell in love with her wit and humor! Her honesty about motherhood is so refreshing and her authenticity made me hang on her every word. When I heard she was writing a children’s series, I jumped at the chance to read The Prince Warriors.

I have an eight year old little boy who loves to read so I thought this book would be right up his alley. It is recommended for boys eight to twelve. I had him read the back first to see what he thought and he said it sounded scary. He’s at that age where he is very fearful and things can easily give him nightmares. This book is probably more appropriate for boys closer to twelve than eight OR that don’t have many fears.

That being said, I read it for myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Spiritual warfare is real and she wonderfully depicts the battle through her characters in a metaphorical sense. The depth of the true message may be lost on the young but will definitely be understood by adults.

We are called to put on the full armor of God and this is something that can appeal to young boys when shown a literal example! They will be drawn into the adventure aspect and find themselves gleaning much more from the story, even if they don’t completely understand it yet.

It is no surprise to me that The Prince Warriors is so well written and intriguing. Shirer has a true gift and I’m thrilled she’s expanded to writing for the young as they can learn from her whilst also being entertained. I’m sure in a few years my son will be ready to read and enjoy this story as well!




About the Book

The battle is real.

As brothers, Xavier and Evan are used to battling each other. But now they’re discovering that there is a much bigger battle going on all around them. And it’s their turn to fight. Based on Ephesians 6:10–18, The Prince Warriors is the first book in Priscilla Shirer’s epic new series that brings to life the invisible struggle ensuing in the spiritual realm. Xavier, Evan, and their friends have typical lives until they enter a mysterious land called Ahoratos. There they meet their guide, Ruwach, who offers wisdom and direction as the kids’ initial adventure begins—an adventure filled with armor and danger and a very real enemy.

Written by New York Times Best-Selling author Priscilla Shirer, The Prince Warriors series was created for middle-grade readers and will include the fiction trilogy as well as Unseen: The 365 Prince Warriors Devotional and the Unseen app.

About the Authors

Priscilla Shirer is a homemade cinnamon-roll baker, Bible teacher, and bestselling author who didn’t know her books (The Resolution For Women and Fervent) were on The New York Times Best Seller list until somebody else told her. Because who has time to check such things while raising three rapidly growing sons? When she and Jerry, her husband of sixteen years, are not busy leading Going Beyond Ministries, they spend most of their time cleaning up after and trying to satisfy the appetites of these guys. And that is what first drove Priscilla to dream up this fictional story about the very un-fictional topic of spiritual warfare—to help raise up a new generation of Prince Warriors under her roof. And under yours.

Gina Detwiler was planning to be a teacher but switched to writing so she wouldn’t have to get up so early in the morning. She’s written a couple of books in various genres (Avalon and Hammer of God, under the name Gina Miani) and dramas published by Lillenas and DramaMinistry, but she prefers writing (and reading) books for young people. She lives in Buffalo, New York, where it snows a lot, with her husband and three beautiful daughters. She is honored and grateful to be able to work with Priscilla on The Prince Warriors.


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