Plan The Perfect Fundraiser For Your Church


Churches seem to be going through a pretty tough time at the minute, and there isn’t a whole load of funding out there for them. One of the best ways to give back to your church and congregation is to plan a fundraising event! There are many types of event you could hold. But one of the best is a church fete. A fete is a great way to both celebrate the church and raise money for it. Want to know how to plan this fun day in aid of your church? Read on to find out!



You will need a venue for your fundraiser. There are two main options: host it at home or book a local venue. Many sports and leisure centers will have special rooms for public functions. Even though hiring out a venue can be expensive; they can often come with perks. The company may include entertainment and catering, giving you two fewer things to plan. If you don’t have the budget to hire somewhere out, you can still have a perfectly good event at home. If the fundraiser is in summer, you can take the fun out into your garden. Worried you might not have enough seats for everyone at home? You’ll find great deals online for some of the best church chairs or funky beanbags. But you can also get creative when it comes to fundraiser venues. Many families are starting to hold get-togethers in public places such as parks. Acelebration in the park will be free and gives all your guests the chance to make the most of all the fresh air!



All the congregation will want some yummy food for the big event! It’s super easy to plan a buffet for the fundraiser. You can keep the buffet fairly cheap by buying frozen buffet food that you just need to defrost or heat up in the oven. If you don’t want to spend too much money on the food, tell your guests that you want to do a potluck supper. Then, all the guests will bring a dish themselves to help create a large spread of food. If your party is themed, ask everyone to bring a dish that is relevant to a theme so you don’t end up with strange food pairings!



Kids love themed events, so give your fundraiser one to attract more families.  An easy theme to do is Disney. You can ask all the other kids to come dressed up as their favorite Disney characters. There are also lots of Disney-themed cakes and candies available to buy. But Disney isn’t the only theme that your child could ask for. If the event is only for adults, think about holding a posh cocktail party. You could request that everyone come dressed in black tie.


The whole aim of the event is to get a lot of funding for your church. So try to encourage guests to donate! One easy way to boost funds is to charge for tickets. It doesn’t have to be too expensive for a ticket. But try and make sure you are covering all the expenses for running the event. Another great way to raise money is by hosting a cake or craft sale. Get creative and make some homemade toys and cakes to sell. If you ask other guests to bring other cakes and craft items to sell, you won’t have to spend so long making things yourself. And you could end up with a table full of things worth a nice sum of money!



All the guests will need to be entertained throughout the fundraiser – you don’t want to have to deal with a load of bored and restless kids or adults! One of the cheapest forms of entertainment is party games. Games such as musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey will go down well with kids of all ages! You could even hire a band to get all your guests up on their feet dancing! If you have a bit of extra cash to spend on entertainment, think about booking a professional children’s entertainer. Clowns and magicians always go down well at public events.

Church fundraisers can be extremely fun for everyone involved, both kids and adults! You just need to make sure you organize everything in plenty of time. That way, you won’t get stressed out and can enjoy yourself!

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