I Couldn’t Find the Perfect Phone Case; so I Made my Own! @PutaCaseonMe #PutaCaseonMe


I have gone through so many phone cases for my iPhone I’ve lost count! Some break, some peel away and others I just never really liked. When in search of the perfect iPhone case, I could never find “the one.” I have tried custom phone cases before but they always disappointed. They would be the cheapest phone cases despite having a photo I loved on them.

Honestly, when trying a new custom phone case website, my expectations weren’t that high. Typically when it comes to custom phone cases, cheap is just a part of the equation. They know they will draw you in by the appeal of having your sweet babies face on your phone or a symbol you love. Then the case comes and it’s poor quality. I literally had one crack while I was putting it on my phone.

However, my experience with Put a Case on Me was different from the get go. First of all I feel it only fair to warn you; don’t do this unless you have set aside some time for it because it’s highly addictive! I started playing around with all the different options and couldn’t stop! It was so much fun creating different types of cases that it was really hard to stop and finally decide on one.

The customization process is easy. You select the case design you are shopping for. This could be a photo you upload, monogrammed case or different pattern themes like the spring collection. I played around with all of them but still didn’t come up with exactly what I wanted.

I went back to the beginning and selected the Start from Scratch option and this is where I found exactly what I wanted. After you select this option you choose your specific type of phone so they can make the right size for you. Then you decide if you want the extra protective bumper or slim version. I always go with extra protection because I drop my phone, a lot.


Next you choose glossy or matte finish and I went with matte. This is where the fun part begins. You go through the process of choosing the layout, then text and banner and finally decorations. Within each of these categories there are tons of options. You can change the colors, move them around, make bigger or smaller and even upload your own background if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for.

I chose stripes and two of my favorite colors. I also wanted to have a monogram and chose the style of letters I liked most. I love all things nautical so had to put an anchor on it! This also makes it match my purse that is navy blue and white striped.

When the case came I was so pleasantly surprised at the quality! The protective bumper is really hard rubber; not the kind that peels and chips away. While I normally don’t like hard cases, this one is super hard and solid and won’t crack or break.

It has all the buttons for my iPhone as well as openings where needed.


This is truly a top quality custom phone case and was so fun to design! I will definitely use them for all my future cases; although I probably won’t need to replace this one until I upgrade my phone!




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