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I don’t think I had a true appreciation for my mom until I became a mother myself. Motherhood isn’t something you can even begin to comprehend until you experience it yourself. Sure we all think we know what it’s like and what kind of mom we’ll be. Then that little one comes screaming into this world and everything changes!

Chicken Soup for the Soul has a wonderful book out just in time for mother’s day for Mom, with love. I have been a mom for eight years now and I could definitely relate to most of the stories in this book, both as a mother and a daughter!

Chicken Soup books always have stories that make me cry but this one had me in tears more than most. Part of it is because motherhood is such an emotional thing and the other part is that we recently lost my dad and are dealing with my mom aging. She is moving to a retirement community and we have relived lots of life moments packing up the house that she shared with my dad for forty years of marriage.

That is why Thanks for the Memories really brought me to tears! The last section and the most tear jerking was And Now I take Care of You. It’s something none of us want to face but all do eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all tears! As usual there was plenty of laughter to be found. I got quite a few chuckles out of Thanks for the Laughter and Thanks for Always Being Right also had a lot of moments for me!

This Mother’s Day as we celebrate our mothers, Chicken Soup for the Soul, for Mom with love would make a wonderful gift!




About the Book

Enjoy the best 101 stories from Chicken Soup’s library on the celebration of mothers and motherhood. With heartwarming stories by mothers and their children of gratefulness, love, inspiration and even amusement, this book does what we so often fail to do – say “I Love You, Mom”, making it a great gift not just for Mother’s Day, but always.


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  1. I like the Joy Of Less book. I would really like to read Chicken Soup For The Soul For Mom and the Joy Of Less books.



    Chicken Soup for the Soul: for Mom, with love #Review & #Giveaway @ChickenSoupSoul #ChickenSoupfortheSoul

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