3 Phone Numbers All Parents Should Have In Their Phone

Being prepared for anything is the best tip anyone can give you about being a parent. You never know when something might happen, especially in an emergency situation. We should all know the number of the emergency services off by heart and your kids should know it too. So if there is ever an instance when you can’t dial, they can do it confidently. As well as this number, there are some other phone numbers that we might need to call in a crisis too. Here are three essential numbers that every parent should have saved in their phones, just in case.


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A 24-hour dentist

If you, your partner or your child breaks a tooth, has a continual toothache or excessive bleeding, you need to call a dental professional. You should have your family dentist’s number save already and this will probably be your first port of call. But if it’s late at night, before opening hours or your dentist is on vacation, you may not be able to contact them. So you need to have a 24-hour emergency dentist’s contact details saved too. If your dentist doesn’t provide this service, you can use sites like dentist.24hourly.com to find the details of someone who can. Calling as soon as possible is the best way to prevent further medical issues and discomfort. So having this number saved removes all delays.


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Your child’s school

This is a highly useful number that can come in handy for a number of reasons. You might need to contact the school to tell them that your child is unwell and unable to attend. Or you might need to arrange quickly taking them out of class due to a family emergency. If there is a medical issue such as stomach bugs or flu viruses going through the school, you can also contact them to find out the extent. You can usually find the contact details on the school’s website or on emails and letters. If possible, try to get the direct line for your kid’s new teacher each year to stay up to date.


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Poison control

If you have young children, you know how often they put things in their mouths. In recent years, more children than ever have been treated for consuming poisonous products. But adults can just as easily consume these products too. They can include washing machine tablets, cleaning products and rat poison pellets. Visit the poison.org website and save the number in your phone as soon as possible. They can connect you to a specialist who can answer your questions and give you further instructions. You never know when a poisoning can happen, so it’s better to have this number with you than not at all.

As well as saving these numbers onto your phone, also have them written down on a piece of paper in your bag. These could be a useful backup should your phone get damaged or run out of battery. Hopefully, you won’t need to use these numbers, but it gives you peace of mind knowing you have them there.

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