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I recently read a survey that said moms favorite gifts for Mother’s Day were the personal ones that involve things made by their kids and/or photo gifts of their children. It’s a day to honor mothers but in the spirit of motherhood, we love that recognition to somehow incorporate the little ones that made us mothers in the first place!

While I have seen many different options for photo gifts, there is a site that is truly one of a kind! Ginger Snap Crate is a membership of photo gifts! Every month you receive gifts for your home from your photos! The number depends upon the membership you choose and there are three options:

  1. The Mini Box
  2. The Box
  3. The Crate

You can see complete details here of what each includes. I just received the crate which is the largest option with the most variety and it is amazing! I really had no idea what to expect but I love every piece!

To get started is simple. You create an account, upload your pics and then they design gifts for you and send you your items! You can also choose to link your social networks and they can make selections from those pictures as well.

I think my favorite is the grocery bag with a picture of my daughter Paige (above) holding an umbrella dancing in the rain that says “you are my sunshine.” She IS my sunshine and I love that whenever I go shopping I get to take her smiling face with me. That is, if she lets me have it back! She’s claimed it as her own.

Another item was a calendar and this was a photo of my sons cub scout troop on our last camping outing. He thought this was just the coolest thing ever.


A notebook for my kids artwork with their pictures on it will definitely be put to good use. I never know what to do with all of the stuff they bring home so this is a great place to keep it organized and I’ll be able to find it quickly with their pictures all over it! The practical side of me just loves that and the sentimental side adores the pictures!


I also received a cute little zip tote that happens to match one of my favorite themes of all things nautical. I’m actually re-doing my office right now in a nautical theme and this matches it perfectly right down to the colors and the anchor design.


The flip side is more adorable pics of my kiddos.


It also happens to match my Navy striped purse so I think I’ll put my youngest diaper and wipes in it since I don’t carry a diaper bag anymore. I can just put it in my purse and I’m good to go.

I also received a stack of thank you cards that are personalized with the kids photos and will come in super handy for them to write their own notes!


I am a very practical person and while I’m sentimental as well, it’s still hard to get things that are really of no use to me. The gifts from Ginger Snap Crate are the perfect gift for moms who appreciate practicality mixed in with their sentiment and this is like no other gift she has ever received! See below for an awesome discount as well as the chance to win a month!




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For the promo code it’s MOMMY for 20% off a 3 month membership

Below are the links to order the 3 month membership – as it’s not the regular subscription

For the box:
For the crate:

Also, as another perk – for anyone that joins any regular subscription (not the 3 months for 20% off), and mentions The IE Mommy, they will get a free custom grocery tote!

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