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I love that my kids have such a strong bond they want to share everything with each other. Unfortunately that includes their germs! When one gets sick, they all get sick and this has been a particularly nasty cold and flu season so it’s been rough!


My oldest got so sick that he ended up needing IV fluids at one point.


Being a stay at home mom is hard enough. Being a stay at home mom trapped for days and weeks on end at home with sick kids is a nightmare. It’s been a nightmare here for about a year now since my little one gets Pneumonia every time he catches a cold. My getting out of the house usually consists of Dr visits and trips to the pharmacy get medications.

Between colds, flus, infections and everything between my kids have taken a lot of meds this year. It’s not always easy to know what to give them and I found this really handy tool called the Sick Sense Relief Finder. It actually helps you determine what might be going on with your child and what they need.


I’m happy when they’ve found some relief but to be honest, it’s a hard road! I can so relate to the mom in this video. We ALL want to pee alone and drink wine galore but more then anything we want our littles to be healthy and happy!

I laughed out loud when I saw this video the first time! I relate to all of it. Been there, done that! I’ve also had snot, barf, pee and poo deposited on me many times. It’s not a pretty job but it’s the most rewarding.


When my kids are happy and healthy, I’m happy! Unfortunately sickness just comes with the territory of having littles. How do you relate to this video?


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The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

I am a stay at home mom of three; ages 7, 6 and 1! I love doing product reviews and finding the best things to use for my family. Reading and writing have always been my passions so this allows me to incorporate them with the things that mean the most to me!
The IE Mommy


  1. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    I love where she bakes the perfect cake.

  2. Haha going to the bathroom alone just for a minute. Sitting down and hearing church music, haha.

  3. Heather E says:

    I loved the wine tap. I wonder if they make those in white Zin…

  4. Oh I have to say the best part that made me laugh was the bathroom! So funny and so true!

  5. I loved the entire video! Every single part is so real.

  6. I can relate to needing to take a breather in the bathroom!

  7. I relate to the mommy getting the wine tapped from the sink, come to momma! (so funny)

  8. Pamela Gurganus says:

    The part that made me laugh the hardest was the wine coming out of the sink faucet.

  9. I relate to the day is off when the kids are sick. I always can’t sleep for I am worried about my kids.

  10. Oh no doubt I can relate to the bathroom time, not only does my son follow me but it’s almost like he can hear me shut the door and runs all the way across the house to beat on the door just to talk but my Boxer is really bad about following me and laying down behind the door so I walk out and either hit him with the door or trip over him…always super fun!

  11. I can relate to hope for a bathroom alone time.

  12. I watched the video & I can relate to wanting to hide out in the bathroom! I also liked “Mom’s Sippy Cup!”

  13. I love when she fantasizes about having a glass of wine and it is filled by the faucet…to cute 🙂

  14. Karen Glatt says:

    I like the video where this Mom dreams of doing different things by herself that she has not done in a long time. I like the one where she can go to the bathroom alone. It is hard for a Mom to get an free time-even to go to the bathroom.

  15. Wow! That’s hard to say what I laughed at the hardest, except perhaps the red “water” that she got for her Mommy’s Sippy Cup. LOL And, I definitely relate to the “I just want Brooke to feel better” text. 🙂

  16. Janet W. says:

    I thought the part where she sits in the bathroom just to find a moment of peace and quiet was the funniest!

  17. I laughed at the wind faucet 😂

  18. shelly peterson says:

    I can relate to when your kids are sick all you really want is for them to fell better.

  19. I thought the funniest part was when the faucet was for red and white wine, and the mom’s sippy cup was a giant wine glass. That was original and hilarious.

  20. I like the part where mom just want to go to the bathroom alone

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