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With three kids we go thru lots of night lights! We have tried many different versions from simple single bulbs to character lights and everything between. Basically if their rooms are not at least partially illuminated they are still scared. A little light against the wall doesn’t do the trick because their room is still dark.

When I saw this light I thought it might be the perfect compromise for my daughters room since she is the one currently struggling with fear. It’s much bigger than a “night light” but I set it on her night stand and it doesn’t take up much room.


It has the option for batteries but I prefer to just leave it plugged in and not deal with the batteries. She loved it from the moment I turned it on. She said it felt like she was underwater and it does have that ripple look to it. It also seems to have the same calming effect that water does. She likes to lay on her back and watch the “waves” until she nods off.


When I saw how much of the room it covered I was a little worried at first that it was going to be too bright. She has no trouble falling and staying asleep so it doesn’t seem to affect her.


There are different settings including fast and slow and seven different colors. I choose the colors that seem to be a bit darker and not light up the room TOO much like the red and dark blue.


The light is really high quality and built to last. Now my boys are begging for one for their room and since I see how effective it is, I’ll be getting them one too!




Product Description

It will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for your living room or bedroom and Projects a wide swath of undulating colors on our cathedral ceiling as you drift off into another world…you can chose to project single colors or multicolored.
It has The ability to plug in your personal music device with your favorite music.Features Auto shutdown after 1 hour so it’s great to use before sleeping . Power by 4 AA batteries,(not included) also supports external USB and 4.5V DC plug (included)
Apply to bath, living room, bed or any space. Feel the effect of being near the seaside at any time. Creates a romantic date night, leisure and cozy atmosphere of the space to achieve physical and mental relaxation effect.
An excellent decoration for any special day to create a romantic atmosphere, A romantic surprise for that special person in your life. Creates a perfect ocean wave atmosphere almost anywhere.
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