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The Children’s Place is THE place for me to find adorable outfits for all three of my kids! In fact we recently took some of my favorite pics of my kiddos to date in the Easter outfits from there.


While the boys admittedly could care less about clothes, my daughter Paige is all about her cute outfits! She has worn that coral dress for her school pictures and at least twice a week since then. Basically as soon as it’s washed and back on the hanger, she wears it the next day!

That’s when I know it’s time for some new clothes so she can throw some other favorite outfits in the mix! The Children’s Place has a new watermelon and fruit themed outfits that are adorable just in time for summer!


Paige has a fun, spunky personality so I knew she would love the fruit! As soon as she got this Pineapple top with sequins that sparkle, it was love at first site! Paired with a cute pair of jean shorts she has a new favorite outfit!


As always there is lots of attention to detail! The sequins on the pineapple are adorable and gives that extra sparkly shine!


I really like the sweet ties on the sleeves that make it so delicate and feminine and more than just an ordinary shirt.


Paige has major fit and texture issues so she never wears jeans. I was shocked when she put these shorts on without complaint. They look like jean material but are soft and comfortable like she needs.

The Children’s Place has all kinds of adorable outfits in time for summer and we are loving the fruit!


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