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The Read with me Bible is designed for kids 4 – 8 and I have two kids that fall in that range so I figured it would be perfect for them. However, it was actually my two year old that responded most to this Bible and my six and eight year olds didn’t have much interest in it.

First of all, it looks more like a toddler Bible. It has the super soft corner and rounded edges with hard pages usually found in little kids books. I think my older two associate this with being little or a baby. It’s also part of the reason my two year old assumed it was for him!

Another thing that really appealed to my toddler were the illustrations. He was quite captivated by them and kept turning the pages to look at the pictures and ask what they were.





They are all very cartoon like and have a bit of a comic book look to them. I personally did not care for the illustrations. I felt like they were kind of goofy and almost made the characters look dumb at times which is not how you want people from the Bible to look.


That being said, the content is good but again, seems more geared towards the very young in it’s simplicity. Each story has a title and then the Bible reference. They are condensed and shortened to make for easy reading.


I like that they are short so I can get through them before my toddler is turning the page to the next. The stories are Biblically accurate and contain some of the most popular from the Bible to give kids a great introduction.

Because of the easy reading I have had my early readers read this to their younger brother as part of their required reading. They usually get through the whole thing in one sitting.

The Read with Me Bible for Little Ones isn’t a favorite for me and my older children but my toddler absolutely loves it. I feel the age recommendation may be slightly off and parents like me might not love the illustrations. However, any introduction to the Bible is a positive thing so if goofy illustrations are what attracts my toddler I’m all for it.




About the Book

The Read with Me Bible for Little Ones is this perfect way to introduce the Bible to young children. Featuring simple language and vibrant, full-color illustrations by Dennis Jones, this action-packed padded cover board book is a great way to jump-start literacy and a love of the Bible.

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  1. I find it interesting that … Before I even saw the “recommended age range” for this Bible storybook and before I read *your* take on it, I thought that it would work well for toddlers just by seeing the title of the book (“For Little Ones”) and by seeing the first pictures of it that you posted. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your input.

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