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You can call this what you want but I call it an adult coloring book! True Wonders of Creation is designed for all ages but I’ve noticed a lot of moms have started coloring since it’s been shown to relax and reduce stress!

Whenever my kids want me to color with them I do so willingly! I’ve always enjoyed it so I was thrilled to see more intricate books and even some that are actually designed for adults! Some of these designs are so intricate they take hours to complete!


I like that the theme of this particular book is creation. What better thing to color and celebrate with a wealth of colors? From creatures to plants and all things great and small, there is plenty of creation to choose from with 96 thick pages. Even the titles pages have things to color on them.


While this is for all ages I think the intricacy of the designs would be too complicate for really young children. My six year old took a shot at it but it was really hard for her to color in the small lines. Colored pencils or thin markers are definitely the way to go with these.


With Mother’s Day approaching this would make a truly unique gift! I know lots of moms that would absolutely love Wonders of Creation and you can enter to win a copy below!




About the Book

Wonders of Creation explores the wonders of our created world though detailed black-and-white illustrations—each one ready to be filled with the hues of your imagination. From amazing Eden-esque gardens to the creatures God made that still ramble through our world, this ninety-six-page book offers hours of coloring inspiration and relaxation for any age.

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  1. I would give it as a gift to one of my nieces.

  2. I would keep one and give another one to my friend Ann, she loves doing any type of artwork like this.

  3. This coloring book would be for my sweet niece

  4. This would be for me and my daughter who loves to color. I do find it relaxing to color with my kids.

  5. If I won it would be shared between my and my son.

  6. Sade Rieux says:

    I would love to win this for my mom

  7. If I win, this will be for my daughter!

  8. I would keep this for myself 🙂

  9. Laurie Nykaza says:

    This would be for me but I do share with my daughter she loves to color too.

  10. I would give this to my granddaughter who is the artist of the family.

  11. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I would keep it for myself, and my daughter would color in it as well.

  12. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I will give this to my Mother.

  13. carlrscott says:

    It looks like everyone could enjoy it. I think we’d all take a turn. Thanks.

  14. If I won, this would be for my teenage daughters and myself… or perhaps my sister and her daughters. 🙂

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