Online Shopping: Common Mistakes You Could Be Making

Shopping online is something many of us regularly do, and it’s not hard to see it’s appeal. Instead of waiting in line and dealing with overcrowded stores and car parks, we can shop while at home instead. Many large retailers sell online, and websites like Etsy are enticing smaller businesses to trade too. So there is more variety than ever. But even if you regularly shop this way, you could be making some big mistakes. Here are some common and often costly mistakes many people make when buying online that could be easily avoided.



Saving personal information

Many retailers will encourage you to save your personal information such as bank details and your address, for a quicker checkout. This may seem very convenient but could actually put you at risk. If hackers target this particular business, the first thing they will access is the customer’s accounts. If your details are saved, they can use that information to spend your money without permission. So no matter how secure a site may seem, never save your credit card details. Some personal information to create an account is fine but try to keep it to a minimum. Having this info saved could also entice you to spend more money as it only requires a few simple clicks. If you don’t keep track, this can put an enormous strain on your finances.

Not reading reviews

Reviews are something all online shoppers should be reading. They can give you lots of valuable knowledge and insight before parting with your money. They can tell you whether a product is worth the money and what the customer service is like to name a few. Many companies have started to encourage their current customers to rate their products and give their opinions. These are usually displayed on their websites. Or you can visit sites like The Smart Consumer, which is the best review website we’ve seen. Reading these reviews can help you rethink your purchases, save you money and stop you buying bad quality products.



Not checking the size chart

With countless clothes retailers online it’s easier than ever to change up your style. But one mistake that many people make when buying clothing from internet retailers is not checking the size chart. Meaning that the clothes they order don’t fit when they arrive. This can lead to you having to spend money sending the items back. Which can be costly if it’s being returned to a different country. So when buying clothes always refer to the size chart before you buy. If it is not shown on the website, contact the supplier and request one. You could also give them your measurements and ask for their recommendations. Also, remember to check the returns policy before you buy too.

Now you know what mistakes you could be making, you can now avoid them with ease. It could save you overspending and buying items you don’t need. While also protecting you from thieves and hackers. So don’t feel like you need to stop your online shopping addiction. Just be smarter and do your research to guarantee you are getting the best product and price possible.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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