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I recently shared the decorating details for Reed’s Minecraft party here and wanted to give more info on the candy bar I did!

After searching Pinterest for ideas on food I noticed some people had candy for Minecraft parties with licorice for the TNT. I decided to take that idea even further and do ALL the food in candy!

First I went to the dollar tree and bought clear vases for the candy. It’s a cheap way to do it and I like that they are all the same size and I can use them again for many different things.

I found some free printable’s and printed them out on cardstock. I cut them out and brought them with me to Winco where they sell candy in bins by the pound.

I already knew I wanted licorice for the TNT so that was easy! I also used free printable’s for this and cut them out and taped around little bundles of licorice. I found two pieces cut in half made a good little bundle of four.


Next I found gummy carrots that were perfect for the carrots! I had a little trouble with the diamonds but decided to go with Hershey kisses since they are kind of diamond shaped and silver.


For gold I found gold coins. The blue diamonds were also difficult so I just went with blue jelly bellies because I couldn’t find anything else. The slimebalms were green gumdrops and the redstone was a sour fruit strip in red. I’m sure there are better options for this but they didn’t have much in red at the time.


The emerald was Andes candies because it was all I found find in green and the golden apples were sixlets. I tried to find swedish fish for the raw fish but they were out. They had a blue colored shark that was good enough!


The candy bar was probably the biggest hit of the party! I used it for decoration and then it was their goodie bag to take with them when they left.


The Minecraft candy bar was definitely the hit of the party and something I’ll be doing again for sure!


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