How To Cope When Relationships Turn Rocky

Nobody goes into a relationship thinking that it will end badly. But sometimes, things aren’t meant to be. If you’ve hit a rough patch, and you’re not sure what to do, here are some suggestions to help you cope.

Take time

When it comes to relationships, it’s unwise to make rash decisions. If you’re thinking about your future, take your time. Mull over your options and reflect on what you think has gone wrong. In some cases, it may be best to remove yourself from the situation for a couple of weeks. Give yourself time and space to think without your partner around. Don’t rush yourself and never give in to pressure to make decisions without due consideration.



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If you’ve hit some bumps along the road, you’ve probably got things you want or need to say. Sit down with your partner and get whatever is bothering you off your chest. Be honest and open with each other. Discuss your feelings and talk about what you want to do next and whether or not you want to move forward. If you do want to give things another go, work out how you can correct previous mistakes and avoid problems in the future.

Seek help

If you are determined to make your relationship work, it may be beneficial to seek help from a marriage counsellor. Speaking to a counsellor, a trained professional who is removed from the situation, can encourage openness. It may also help you to identify and address obstacles.

If you’ve decided that your marriage has come to the end of the road, it’s important to seek legal advice. Family lawyers, like Kathy Newman, can help to make the process of parting ways as smooth and stress-free as possible. Breaking up can be incredibly distressing, and your legal team can help to guide you through the process step by step.  

Take comfort from loved ones

If you’re struggling following a breakup, or you’re confused which path to take, make the most of the people close to you. Surround yourself with close friends and family and spend some quality time with them. Chat to them if you feel like you want to open up. Ask for advice and don’t be afraid to lean on them for support. You would do the same for them.

If you’re having time apart, or you’ve decided to split for good, focus on yourself for a bit. Spend time catching up with old friends and rediscover old hobbies. Many people find that keeping busy helps them to focus and stay positive.

Relationships can be hard work. Sometimes, it’s possible to work out differences and build strong foundations for the future. Sometimes, there’s no point in going over old ground, and it’s best to move on. Whatever you decide to do, go with your head and your heart. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask for space. If you are determined to work it out, draw a line and keep moving forward. If you’ve made the decision to break up for good, take time to digest the situation and try and be optimistic.


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