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With three kids always on the go we do a lot of snacking! I feel guilty about all the waste between ziplock baggies and water bottles that just get trashed adding to the ever increasing problem of waste. I got reusable thermoses years ago but I hadn’t found anything for snack bags until I discovered Yummi Pouch.

These reusable snack and storage bags are exactly what I needed to bring snacks with me without worrying about excess waste!

Since my youngest is a boy and the one I still have with me all the time, I got the Flashy set of 3 in blue but there are also girl and neutral options.


Each set of 3 is $12.99 which is reasonable when you consider what it will save you in the long run, not to mention contributing to being environmentally friendly. I want to teach my kids this at a young age so that they grow up with it as a way of life.

They also have coordinating cloth sandwich bags for $14.99


The material is nice and thick and durable and best of all, completely washable! It holds a good amount of snacks in each bag and zips for easy closure.


I recently took them on our spring break trip to the zoo for Jax but when my older kids saw them, they loved them and wanted to use them too!


It’s funny the things that appeal to kids! Something as simple as a fun pattern can make all the difference in the world! To them they are getting a snack in a fun way but I know the real reason behind them so everyone wins!IMG_3156

I really like the designs, quality and sustainability of the Yummi Pouch products and plan on making them a part of my kids routine so they can grow up with an appreciation and respect of being environmentally friendly!




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