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Sadly none of my three children have curly hair. I have naturally wavy hair but no curls. It looks like my niece Tiffany got all the curl genes in the family!

The problem is her hair can get really frizzy and wild and crazy. Sometimes it looks like a big puffy cloud to me!

She tired the new SoCozy Boing curl shampoo, conditioner and curl gel cream.


The first thing my sister noticed when she combed her hair is that there were no tangles and apparently, her hair is usually full of them! The curls tend to intertwine with each other and get all tangled up. The shampoo and conditioner helped separate and soften them.

We scrunched it up with the gel and she had these perfect, beautiful little ringlets!

IMG_3235After seeing her results I wanted to try for myself! I was half hoping it would take my wavy hair and make it curly! While it didn’t magically change the nature of my hair, it did come out with soft and pretty waves.


If you are lucky enough to have a little one with curls like Tiffany but haven’t found the right product to tame them, Boing from SoCozy definitely did the trick for her!




Product Description

Curl Shampoo

A gentle curl cleanser that removes dirt and buildup while reinforcing and preserving curls’ natural moisture balance.

Curl Conditioner

An ultra-hydrating formula that conditions without weighing curls down and easily detangles to prevent breakage and frizz.

Curl Gel Cream

A creamy formula that not only moisturizes and smooths to create soft, touchable curls, but has holding properties of a gel for perfectly defined, frizz-free locks.

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