How To Make Taking Kids On Holiday Manageable

When it’s time to go on holiday, going with children can be quite different to going with friends or a partner. There are lots more things to take into consideration. That being said, there are a number of ways to make it far more manageable. Here are a handful of suggestions.

Go When Your Kids Are Off School

Schools are stricter than ever when it comes to taking kids out of school at term time. In the UK and Ireland, you can be fined hefty amounts. There have now even been court cases where parents are sent to jail for taking their kids out of school. Avoid any of this hassle or trouble by taking your kids when they’re off school anyway. Yes, the prices might be higher, but it’s worthwhile in the long run.


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Book Seats Together On The Flight

If you fly with a budget airline, you’re not guaranteed to have seats together. This can be a real hassle when you’re on holiday with kids. Pay the extra fee to book your seats in advance, or fly with an airline that sits families together as standard. It means you can keep an eye on everyone at once, and the whole journey is likely to run a lot smoother.

Arrange Transfers In Advance

Trying to hail a taxi in the middle of the night in a foreign country is no mean feat! Don’t add to your stress levels by needing to do this. Book a taxi or transfers in advance of your journey. On the morning of your transfer, call or email the company to double check your booking.

Stay In A Hotel

There is so much quirky accommodation out there now, from tipis to mountainside huts. However, if you’re travelling with kids, it might well be much easier to stay in a hotel. Check out Hotwire hotels for a collection of great suggestions. You’ll have all your amenities waiting for you upon arrival. Your beds will be made, and your bathroom will be stocked with your toiletries. These things, while they seem minor, can mean you can get on with your holiday. If you head to a self-catered villa in the middle of nowhere, however, you have to get in and start making the place feel like home. Hotels also have the added benefit of having other children around for your kids to play with. Plus there will be security and first aiders on hand if anything does go awry while you’re there.


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Choose The Pool Over The Beach

Most beaches are so much more difficult to handle that pools. For starters, they are usually far larger, and the sea far deeper. Plus, sand just gets everywhere. By the pool, however, space is far less. There will likely be a dedicated children’s pool with shallower water and supervisor. These pools will likely also have slides and activities to keep the kids active and entertained. There may also be a general lifeguard on hand, so you know you have an extra pair of eyes watching over your little ones.

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