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I confess I never learned how to play chess growing up. I always heard it was so complicated that I had no interest in learning it.

Then my eight year old learned how to play in Cub Scouts and I figured if a bunch of kids can learn to play, so can I!

My son taught me and while it wasn’t as complicated as I thought, I still don’t love the game. Luckily he does so we got him a chess set. The problem is he wants to play all the time and bring it on our camping trips and to his grandparents house. It was time for a more portable set.

The first one I got him was disappointing. It was cardboard and the pieces were plastic and easily broken.

This second set I got him was a huge improvement! It was basically the same as his big set only smaller.


It’s a nice wooden folding set that doubles as a carrier and holds all the pieces inside. The pieces are also nice wooden pieces and well carved. I was really impressed that everything was as good a quality as his full sized set. It was exactly what I was looking for.


The only thing that doesn’t seem up to par is the latch that connects the two sides of the board and keeps it closed. It feels pretty thin and flimsy like it could easily break. Hopefully this will be corrected on future models but for ours we are being extra careful.


Reed is thrilled to have a portable sized chess set he can take with him wherever he goes. He probably won’t be playing with mom but he will be playing!




Product Description

BUILT TO LAST – Our classic chess set is lightweight, yet solidly constructed with notched joinery for years of chess-playing pleasure. For convenient storage, the wooden pieces fit neatly into the box and are protected by the interior black felt lining.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Two brass hinges and a secure brass clasp ensure a snug closure when folded shut. Hand-staining gives the board an antique, artisan quality not found on cheap sets. Natural and walnut hued wood is bordered in black by rank and file, allowing you to easily call out your moves to your opponent. These rank and file identifiers can also help you learn to improve your play if you’re new to the game.

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL – Easily portable, the chess board measures only 10.5 inches x 5.25 inches by 1.75 inches when folded for storage. Slips easily into a backpack or your airline carry-on so you can play chess anywhere. When opened on a table, the board measures 10.5 inches square and .875 inches tall. Playing squares are each 1.25 inches square.

COMPLETE SET WITH ALL PIECES – This, mini chess set is about 30 percent smaller than a tournament standard size, making it the best size to take on the road, stash in a drawer at home, or give as a gift! Classic pieces are hand-stained wood – not plastic, metal or stone – with felt bottoms. More modern looking than Staunton style. Sizes range from Pawns just over 1 inch tall with a .625 inch diameter base to the King which is just over 2 inches tall with a .75 inch base.

GUARANTEED – Purchase with confidence. Your chess set is backed by TolsToys one year replacement warrantee, making it the ultimate win for a beginner, kids or the aspiring professional.



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