Gifts for Easter (That Aren’t Chocolate) #Easter


Easter is a very important time of year. Lots of families like to spend this time together and exchange gifts. The traditional present is, of course usually chocolate eggs. The eggs are meant to represent the empty tomb. It reminds us that Jesus rose from the dead to bring new life to the world. It’s amazing how people give these gifts to each other without even realising what the true meaning is. Like most Christian celebrations, it’s been overtaken by commercialism.  Sadly people tend to forget what it’s all really meant to be about.

But, Easter eggs aren’t always the most suitable of gifts. Many people have allergies or intolerances which mean they can’t eat chocolate. Or they may be trying to watch their figure. Lots of people give up chocolate for Lent and look forward to having something sweet when Easter finally arrives! But if your intended recipient doesn’t have a sweet tooth, or can’t eat chocolate for health reasons, then what do you do?

You can keep your present suitable for this glorious occasion, and it doesn’t have to be an egg. Why not buy a child a beautiful book telling the story of Easter. Not only is it educational, but they’ll also learn more about their faith too. Books are a great way to educate kids about the word of Our Lord. Check out the selection at for inspiration

Kids love soft toys, especially younger ones. An ideal gift for a baby is stuffed rabbit, representing the Easter bunny. How perfect for someone to small to eat chocolate, and they can give it cuddles for years to come. If you’re not so keen on rabbits, how about a little lamb teddy? Lambs are a symbol of spring. Imagine young lambs gambolling around in the meadows. A soft toy won’t break the bank either, so it’s ideal if you are trying to stick to a budget.

Kids love stuff with their name on it. And nowadays there are so many unusual names it can be difficult to find personalized gifts. It’s very fashionable to choose quirky monikers for your offspring, but they’ll never know the joy of finding a tacky purse with your name in it. Or a pencil. Or most of the other stuff you find in gift shops. Well, that’s where the internet comes in handy. You can even buy personalized romper suits for the littlest ones! There’s something for all ages. Hop on over to to have a look!

If the only reason someone doesn’t have an egg due to allergies, there is sometimes a way around this. You can buy eggs that are lactose, sugar and gluten free. Most health food stores will stock them around this year, so it’s well worth a look. Who’d want to avoid chocolate if they really didn’t have to?

The biggest joy of Easter is able to spend it with the ones you love. That’s for more important than any physical gift you can give. You should always treasure these times!

Have you got any ideas that are perfect for an alternative Easter gift? Please do drop by and share your ideas in the comments box below!


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