The Bible Coloring Book by Tammie Trucchi #Review


I have heard so much about these adult coloring books and I just had to try one! I have colored many times with my children in their books and I do find it relaxing and kind of a de-stresser. It’s nice to not think and just do something mindless and creative. However, I do get a little tired of coloring a hundred different versions of Hello Kitty so it was nice to get something as beautiful as The Bible Coloring Book designed specifically for adults!

The cover is just a taste of what’s inside and I love how it’s partially colored to show what you can do. It’s the perfect introduction to what’s inside!

The pages are all so incredibly detailed that you can really take your time with each one making it a work of art. It is filled with scripture from the Old Testament to color an and inspiring illustrations that go along with them.


Some of them are really small spaces to color in so colored pencils seemed to work best for me. Crayons are too fat and I don’t want the markers going through the pages. However, the back of each page is blank so if you were to put something underneath the page you are working on to keep it from bleeding through it would definitely work! I just prefer the soft look of pencils.

I like that this book makes me feel like I’m walking through the Bible so while it is relaxing to color, this particular book also makes it a spiritual experience.

There are 192 pages and it’s a really thick book so it will probably take several months to go through The Bible Coloring Book and I intend to enjoy every moment!




About the Book

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. —Psalm 37:4

Celebrate your faith and your creativity with the surprisingly satisfying pleasure of coloring. As you fill these beautifully intricate illustrations with color, you’ll find hours of quiet, mindful enjoyment.

Personalize your favorite scenes and scriptures from Psalms to the Song of Solomon according to your own gifts and strengths as you focus on the beauty of the verses.

You’ll find inspiration with every turn of the page as your creativity flows and you reflect on your faith. Each image is printed on one side of high-quality paper, so you can frame your favorites and display them.

With The Bible Coloring Book, you can invite His spirit into your life each and every day to soothe your mind and soul.


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