5 Ways You Might be Overspending!


Many of us work within the constraints of a pretty tight budget. Sure, there are days when that’s no fun. But overall, whatever our means, living by a budget is a positive thing. It gives us a sense of control and prevents the feeling of guilt that can come with burying our head in the sand. But with all the best intentions in the world, it can still be possible to overspend without really realising. We may not have splurged on shoes or dining out, but still find ourselves shorter on cash than we’d expected. There can be several things in our lives and around the house that we’re overspending on because we take them for granted. The list below are three of the most common areas that we might be spending more than we need to.

1) Food Wastage

n recent years, numerous studies have shown the catastrophic scale on which we’re wasting food. Some of the worse culprits are big business and supermarkets. But many are now implementing initiatives and strategies to curb the waste. We’re usually not completely innocent at home either. How many times have we completely forgotten about a microwave meal in the freezer? Or bought a bag of salad with the best intentions only to find it damp and dark in the fridge a week later? It’s time to stop overspending on food that we don’t need. There are many ways to get organised. Making a weekly meal plan is a great start. You will know exactly what to shop for and how much it will cost. Many recipes available online are quick, easy, and cheap to make. Do your research and set aside some time on a Saturday or Sunday to plan the week’s meals. You’ll eliminate needless waste, have a more eco-friendly home, and save a surprising amount of cash.

2) Not Making Using of Deals

Many of us have several appliances in our home that we consider essential. The phone, television, and internet are three things that most homes would struggle to function without. But did you know it can be possible to combine all three essentials into one easy outgoing? Companies like cabletelevisionbundles.s9.com offer individual packages or bundles. You will be able to see clearly where your money is going. These can feel like luxuries to some but are essential to others. Whatever your circumstances, make sure you’ve shopped around for a good deal.

3) Electrical Lighting

One of the greatest energy guzzlers in our home can be overuse of electrical lighting. Many of us turn on a light through sheer habit, regardless of whether it is genuinely dark! Investing in energy saving light bulbs can be a great move. But also investigate candles and scented candles for a romantic, cosy solution. Occasionally using candles in the evening rather than overhead lights not only looks beautiful, but saves money too. Be sure not to leave them unattended or near any fabrics like curtains or throws!

4) Draughty Doors and Windows

If you’re constantly turning the heat up but never seem to get the room warm, you may have an insulation issue. Rather than pouring money into a heating bill that literally goes out of the window (or door) consider fixing the actual problem. It may seem an expensive initial outlay to insulate your windows or fix the draughts coming under the doors. However, if you’re planning to be in your home long term it can be a wise solution. Over time, the likelihood is that you would quickly spend on heating what you could have spent fixing the problem. Only now the problem is not fixed and the heating still needs paying for! Better not to procrastinate and invest in some good quality double-glazing. And a cute draught excluder, of course!

5) Gas-Guzzling Cars

If you bought your car some time ago, your financial circumstances may have changed. The force of habit can mean we are filling up our car several times a week without really thinking about it. Make sure that you are still getting the best deal for your budget. There may be far more energy efficient cars on the market since you last shopped. There may also be reasons that your insurance could be cheaper nowadays. Be sure to shop around online and asks friends and family which companies they trust. With a bit of research and a few phone calls, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds a year!

The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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