Why Our Kids Need To Be Active From An Early Age

Children like to play. Many of them like to run around and make a lot of noise and mess too! But not all children are keen to be as active as they should be. And not all parents are keen for their kids to be out and about in public areas either. There are, however, plenty of reasons why we as parents should be doing all we can to encourage our children to be as active as possible.

When our toddlers finally let go of the furniture and take those first tentative steps, it is the beginning of much bigger things. The gross motor skills required for balance, walking, running and jumping are only just starting to develop. Getting your little one out of the buggy and up onto their feet will help ensure their development progresses at a good pace. You can start to encourage them to kick a ball. Why not check out the best trampoline for your family and get your kids bouncing about?


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Early encouragement for an active lifestyle will help your little one blossom into an active adult. This is essential in the fight against heart disease and obesity. What you can encourage your kids to do now will serve them well for the rest of their lives. They will grow into physically fitter, stronger and more energetic children. They will also hopefully have a passion for an active lifestyle right through to adulthood.

We’ve all suffered the terrible twos and the tantrums of our preschoolers. A lot of the time this can be attributed to them being tired. Plenty of physical activity helps all of us sleep better. Quality sleep improves the behavior of our small children (and teens) too. Best of all, lots of activities burn off the frustrations and excess energy that all our kids get.

It doesn’t need to stop at walking or playing in the back yard. Encourage your children to get involved in sports. Starting sports at a young age offers children better social skills. They’ll have the opportunity to learn even more movements and gross motor skills. Best of all, they’ll be able to make plenty of friends that enjoy the same things they do.

For any parent struggling with toilet training, or encouraging a shy child to go to the bathroom regularly, exercise is a savior. It’s well known that plenty of exercise aids the digestive system. It keeps things ticking along nicely, and it can help relax an anxious child. It can increase the appetite and encourage your child to drink regular drinks too.

Active kids tend to be happier kids for many reasons. Play is often quite active. But it’s good to encourage even more activities that work all their muscles. Dancing, bouncing, running, and kicking a ball are all great things for any child of any age to do. Why not join in with them? As parents, it is often easier to lead by example. If you want your kids to grow up to be active adults, show them what that looks like. Let it be the norm in your home.

Aside from avoiding unnecessary weight gain, activities are fun for all the family. And they’re a great way to enjoy more quality time together. Enjoy your active lifestyle.

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