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I hate to admit this but I’m not as faithful as I should be about praying! It’s not that I don’t want to; I just have total mom brain! I’m so scattered all the time with a thousand things running through my brain at any given moment that it’s really hard to focus.

I pray all throughout the day little prayers like “Lord protect my children” or “Lord give me patience” but when it comes down to really focusing and mediating on prayer, I’m definitely lacking.

Something someone once suggested to me that has proven to be true is that things are better remembered when written down. Not only does the act of writing it instill it deeply into your brain, it also gives you something to follow up on if you forget. It makes the act of prayer more intentional. Little prayers that I do are ok and we are taught to “pray continuously” but sometimes it’s not enough.

I started using a prayer journal I really like because of it’s level or organization. Each page has a place to write the date and then has four different specific sections on prayer including:

  1. Prayers of Gratitude
  2. Prayer Requests
  3. Prayers Answered
  4. People to Pray for


Why is this important? I think we often make the mistake of just making requests when we pray and basically giving God our wish list of things we need. It’s so important to remember to THANK him with prayers of gratitude and acknowledge prayers that have been answered in addition to our requests.

Writing these things down helps us to remember that and never lose focus on our prayers.

Aesthetically I love the little flowers throughout the pages that make it so feminine and pretty. This particular one is a plum color and the flowers match the color on the cover. As a nice touch, it came packaged with a ribbon that can then be used as a bookmaker inside. I love attention to detail like this!


When it comes to my prayer life, I strive to be more intentional and this prayer journal is helping me to do so. If you would like one of your own, enter to win below!




Product Description

Uniquely designed for on the go use, our notebooks are pre-printed with areas to record:

Prayers of Gratitude
Prayer Requests
Prayers Answered
People to Pray For
Our Prayer Journals are designed and produced in-house at Upward Journals. Made with the finest paper, we offer a variety of designs small enough to slip into a purse to take along to church or Bible Study. Spiral Bound. (40 Pages)


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  1. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I would like the Nature In Pastel prayer journal.

  2. I would choose the Mini 5″ x 7″ Prayer Journal ~ Pink Splash (PRE-ORDER)

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