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As a blogger I am always looking for ways to improve my craft and ultimately make enough money to consider it a success! I just finished Dana Siblisky’s Tips to Successful Blogging in the hopes of learning some new ways to be successful from someone who has been there.

I found it really interesting and learned quite a few new tips I didn’t know before. She obviously has learned from trial and error and is sharing her knowledge with anyone wanting to start a blog.

As an established blogger I still found this book useful even though there were a lot of basics that would be helpful to someone just starting out. She even begins by telling someone how to start a blog and makes some really good points about how and what will be successful.

I like that she takes this a step further and asks you to stop and write down the answer to some questions. Writing always helps me sort out my own thoughts so this is a really great idea, especially when getting started. You want to start out right because it’s really hard to go back.

Dana Siblisky’s Tips to Successful Blogging was an easy read (or listen in the case of the audio book) and was engaging enough to keep me interested. Even though I already have a blog I got a lot of useful information from this book.




About the Book

Dana Sibilsky is a blogger and first time author. She blogs at DanaSIbilsky.com.

Her book is titled, “Dana Sibilsky’s Tips to Successful and Profitable Blogging”. In the book she shares her experiences and tips on how to be successful in blogging.


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