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I have had my blog for about four years now and haven’t made any big bucks yet so I was curious to see what Brand Colker had to say in How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs.

First of all, I think the title is a bit misleading when it says big blogs because this is basically a book for beginners. Most beginners aren’t instantly going to get a big blog. Even those who have been blogging for years haven’t achieved this. It’s a bit of a catch 22 because you aren’t going to make any money unless you already have a big blog.

I think it’s a good resource for beginners because it outlines the basics. There was nothing here that was new to me with an established blog. I wanted to see if he had some great formula or missing component I didn’t know about but it’s all very basic.

I received the audio version and the reader sounds very computer generated and isn’t very engaging which makes it a bit difficult to stay focused on. It’s very short however so I was able to listen to it in it’s entirety in just over an hour.

While he’s good at outlining what you need to do, it lacks the how to. There is no information about where to go to do the things he suggests.

This would be a good resource for someone to start out with but if you already have a blog and are just looking to monetize it, How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs isn’t going to be your answer.




About the Book

Throughout the course of his blogging career, Brandon Colker has made money and lost money. In this book, he’ll explain how to avoid the latter.

About the Author

Brandon Colker is a blogging expert who specializes in educating aspiring bloggers how to go about generating passive income online. With years of experience as a blogger but little to show for it in terms of income, Mr. Colker began developing the passive income program that has now helped countless others achieve a sense of financial security through blogging. Mr. Colker’s initial goal was to create a website that delivered valuable information, products and services to generate income but did not require constant oversight. After accomplishing his goal with several different websites, Mr. Colker recognized that he had created the ideal blueprint for passive income blogging.

Mr. Colker continues to run several different blogs, including one featuring his unique strategies for generating passive income through blogging. The passive income blog is his most popular site, as Mr. Colker offers sound advice along with actionable strategies for achieving financial independence through blogging. The goal, according to Mr. Colker, is to do the overwhelming majority of the work up front so that it can become a source of revenue that is without limit.

This is the strategy that has led to Mr. Colker’s impressive success through blogging, providing him with time to use however he sees fit. Mr. Colker often uses that time to work on creating new passive income blogs and to update his current blogs, but he also makes sure to get the most out of the free time he has created through a variety of recreational pursuits that serve as a constant reminder why passive income is such a wonderful thing.

Throughout the course of his blogging career, Brandon Colker has made money and lost money. His books are focused on helping other people earn more than they lose. His mistakes and lessons learned are clearly spelled out in his first book, “Brandon Colker’s How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs”.

Passive income, when and how to monetize your blog, expanding your income and reach because of your brand, leveraging your expert status to create additional opportunities and more are all covered in Colker’s easy to read books!


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