This Hose is a Major Space Saver! #GardenHose


For some reason my husband absolutely hates hoses! He hates how much space they take up and that they take so much time to be re-rolled after every single use. When I saw this 25 foot expandable garden hose, I had to have it! You wouldn’t believe how small the box it came in was! It was hard to believe there was a legit hose in there but it’s actually the nicest hose we’ve owned!

First of all, I just love the size. It takes up hardly any room. I just wrapped around the post a few times and I was done with it.


When I turned it on it was kind of cool to watch how much it expanded when filled with water. My two year old was in awe. He kept saying “wow.” My thoughts exactly!


It came with everything needed so it is a complete set. The brass connectors are really nice and I love the handle and how it has the ability to switch off and on. It’s such a time saver to not have to run back to the main source of water if you need to shut it off for just a minute.


The handle fits comfortably in my hands and is really easy to push down to activate.


It has eight settings so you can easily switch between your different needs.


I liked that I could stand in one place and by simply changing the setting, reach different plants no matter what their distance from me.


It’s just a turn dial to change the setting and moves really easily.


I am absolutely thrilled with this hose! I got it for my husband technically but I have had a lot of fun playing with it. My plants are suddenly being watered again!




Product Description

Space-efficient design, starts out 8.2 ft and expands to 25 ft with water pressure, but returns to 8.2 ft after water out
High pressure-resistance durable latex; Minimum water pressure for expanding fully to 25 ft: 72.5PSI/ 5Bar; Safe operating water pressure: under 145PSI/10Bar
Comes with a high quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns and brass connectors, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality
Never tangle, twist or kink, flexible and easy to handle and storage
**IMPORTANT NOTE – Please do not leave the hose charged after you switch off the valve on the brass connector, which would damage the latex and may cause a burst. Please keep the hose empty when not in use.



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