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I don’t know if your kids are as obsessed by Minecraft as mine but that’s all they play these days! It started with my seven year old Reed and I figured it was a “boy” thing but next thing I knew, my six year old Paige was just as addicted! I had to invoke screen time rules because of this game! They would play it morning til night if I allowed it.

After watching them I really like the game! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t fully understand it but what I do see is my kids creating, building and using their problem solving and logic to create their own little worlds! They even engage with each other while online.

When it came time to start planning Reed’s eighth birthday party I already knew what the theme would be: Minecraft Party!

Now here’s the problem with not fully understanding a game: I don’t know what to get for this party! Luckily Birthday Express has a Minecraft Inspired Party Theme with everything I need!


I tried to find Minecraft last year in the local party store and they had nothing! Luckily I found everything I needed shopping online with Birthday Express. They actually had so much I didn’t know what to choose from so I started with the basics!

The Complete Party in a Box had all the basics covered:

Dinner plates and dessert plates
Party favor bags

Since I had the basics covered I started looking at decor. I usually try to focus on decorating the main great room in our house that includes the kitchen and family room. If I have enough I’ll move it to the front formal rooms as well.

To start I looked for things that were big and would do a lot for decor! I really liked the Stone Column! I started building things before his party to get an idea of how they would look and what else I’d need. This stone column was assembled in minutes and is over 5 1/2 feet tall! It can be divided into a couple smaller columns or one huge one!


Next I really wanted the box heads, mainly because I think they are funny! I built them both and will decide on their final placement once I get everything else up.


My kids are always talking about mining for gold so when I saw the gold bars for decor I thought they would make a perfect centerpiece on a table!
IMG_2402Additionally they had matching favor boxes! Reed’s favorite candy is m&m’s so I think I’ll put just the green ones in these little favor boxes. They can also double as decor during the party until it’s time to go home!


Since Minecraft has a lot of green in it, I got a couple decorating kits with green paper decorations. One kit alone contains 9 items and can easily do one room.lime-green-paper-decorating-kit-bx-99459I’m so happy to have found Minecraft decorations this year since that’s what he really wanted last year. Now that I have two little Minecraft addicts I’ll probably be able to reuse many of the decorations! Stay tuned to find out how I used everything and see my final party look after Reed’s birthday next month!




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