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Having a six year old girl means my house is filled with princess stuff! Princess toys, books, dvd’s, dolls and even her room is princess themed! She loves all things princess! But sometimes I don’t love encouraging her love of them – at least some of them. I really appreciate The Princess Parables from Zonderkidz because it has all the things little girls love about princesses, without the things moms don’t.

I knew A Royal Easter Story was something Paige and I would both appreciate but I honestly wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did! It has a real depth to it that I wasn’t expecting.

It is a rather long book and pretty wordy. I would take turns reading the pages to Paige because as a young reader, she would get tired by the end.

It is a great story about the princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity and Hope. As you can tell by their names, these are all things I would be happy for my daughter to emulate. And that is exactly the point! They demonstrate the qualities of their names in this story and their lives.

While looking forward to an Easter celebration, they encounter a problem in which they have a choice: to do what they really want to do or to do the right thing. Sometimes they are not the same thing and these are choices our children must face every day in their lives.

It opened up a discussion about doing the right thing and this is kindness week at their school so we also talked about ways she could be kind and loving in her own life.

My daughter really enjoyed A Royal Easter Story and so did I! I’m looking forward to reading more from The Princess Parables!



About the Book

It is the most spectacular spring in history. The princesses—Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope are busy with preparations for the annual Easter celebration and the castle is alive with activity.

Into the kingdom ride five new friends, young knights, who are as spirited as the princesses. In the new Princess Parables title, A Royal Easter Story, a challenge is presented and the boys and girls decide to race to the neighboring village where the annual Easter celebration and feast will be held. Along the way, the princesses must weather a scary storm and rescue another new friend. But in the end the lesson is clear … trust in the Lord and his love and you can overcome any obstacle.

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