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Valentine’s Day is a stressful time for a lot of men out there! They feel pressure to find the perfect gift for their significant other. What they don’t realize is women, especially moms, are really easy to please! We just want a little pampering and a little goes a long way!

A lot of us are stay at home moms that are on single incomes. We don’t expect diamond earrings (not every year anyway) but just a little recognition is nice! I like little gifts that pamper me like beauty products.

I just got some Lip Balm that’s chocolate flavored that I love! It’s fun that it’s chocolate since a lot of us ask for chocolates for Valentine’s Day! This way you get the flavor without the calories!


It goes on smooth and stays on a long time. I like that it doesn’t have that waxy feel that some do. It just soothes and softens without adding any unwanted texture to your lips!

Another chocolate item I tried is a perfume!

Chocolate Amour

I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to like this because it just sounded a little strange to me. Scent is already hard to explain with words but this one is even harder! It does smell like chocolate when you smell the bottle but on my skin I can smell all the other elements like the vanilla and orange!

Women love chocolate for Valentine’s Day and the Good Earth Beauty with chocolate are a fun way to give her some sweetness that’ll last a bit longer than candy!




Product Description

Lip Balm Chocolate

A Good Earth Beauty Exclusive – soothing and moisturizing – helps heal chapped lips
Made by Good Earth Beauty Exclusives

Perfume – Chocolate Amour

A Seductive and lingering chocolate fragrance – the unsweetened chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac with notes of vanilla and bitter orange. An ideal fragrance to offer for your chocoholics. .5 oz bottle.
Mod perfumes are highly concentrated (they contain no diluting agents like alcohol or water) You only need to use a small amount – it should last throughout the day. A bottle will most likely last 4- 6 months!
vegan, organic, cruely free and gluten free
by Mod Perfume for Good Earth Beauty

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The IE Mommy

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    Pamper her this Valentine’s Day with Good Earth Beauty! #ValentinesDay #GoodEarthBeauty

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