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I’ve been working out at home for the past year, ever since my youngest started getting sick all the time and I needed to keep him away from childcare as much as possible. I have the equipment to work out at home so I really have no excuse not to stay in shape. And yet, I always seem to find them! I’m too tired. I don’t have time. I don’t have the energy. I can always find a reason not to work out.

When I saw the IGNITE DVD with the tagline “transform your body in 60 minutes a week” I really couldn’t find a single excuse. Even I can find 60 minutes in a WEEK right?

I figured if it was only 60 minutes a week and was supposed to transform my body, it must be super intense. That intimidated me a bit, enough so that I procrastinated a few days to try it and had to mentally prepare myself!

Then I decided to just pop it in and watch it first so I’d know what to expect. There was an option to watch an introduction called About the Workout first which I would definitely recommend or I wouldn’t have understood how it worked.

There are three girls in the DVD including Nikki Metzger leading them and each one does it at a different level. Beginners should start with level 1 and then when ready move to 2 and finally 3 when ready. I love that there are variations to make it less intimidating. After all I don’t expect I can perform like a fitness expert who is already in shape on day 1.

There are three different workouts at twenty minutes each. I figured I can do anything for twenty minutes right?

I started with the first workout Build. I started following the girl leading level 1. I’m not going to lie. It was still hard and intense but she really does a great job of alternating the exercises so that you can finish them. For example, right after a set with heavy weights is one without so that you can recover a little.

After finishing the first one I realized, I can do this! I can survive anything for twenty minutes! I actually liked the exercises and the flow of them.

I took a day off to let my body recover since I hadn’t been faithfully working out yet this year. Next I did Sweat. This was my least favorite because I don’t like cardio at all. But again, spaced well and all over in twenty minutes. I really can do this!

Again I took another day off before starting Burn and this was my absolute favorite so I’m glad they saved the best for last! This is just my personal preference for working out. It is the formatted the same for the others so it’s not that they did anything better or worse on any of them.

We all have our personal preferences and I like that this DVD covers all areas of working out in such short spans of time! Doing one every other day for twenty minutes was easy! Don’t get me wrong; the workouts as HARD. But in such a big time span, twenty minutes is nothing!

As a bonus there is an 8 minute abs blaster. This is hard too but I love working out my abs! I was ready to give up a couple minutes in but I knew I was already halfway there. Knowing the total time really does help you mentally to finish!

After doing IGNITE for a week I am sore but not overly so and I can tell I’ll be getting results quick. I am so happy to have found a workout I enjoy in a timeframe I can manage. No more excuses!




About the DVD

IGNITE from Women’s Health, produced by parent company Rodale Inc., is an efficient, at-home workout program for every fitness level, complete with modifications for every exercise to ensure you’re getting the safest, most effective workout every time you hit play. The workouts will not only rev up your metabolism, but keep you elevated and burning calories throughout the day.

IGNITE’s cutting-edge workout program delivers faster, more effective results with three 20-minute routines:

BUILD Designed to increase lean muscle mass and blast body fat: complete five separate rounds of 45-second strength supersets followed by a quick 30-second cardio blast.
SWEAT Work every major muscle while boosting cardio with this series of dynamic, bodyweight exercises set up in explosive 30-second intervals.
BURN Take on a ferocious circuit of nine exercises back to back with intervals that get progressively shorter (but not easier) with each round.

About Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health propels 30 million consumers into action, providing the motivation and the inspiration for them to make instant, positive changes in their lives. Launched in October 2005 and published 10 times a year by Rodale Inc., Women’s Health has quickly grown into a multimedia brand that includes branded books, mobile applications, and renowned events. The magazine has received numerous industry accolades including the 2011 ASME National Magazine Award in the category of General Excellence in Fashion, Service, and Lifestyle and was also nominated for the ASME of General Excellence again in 2013, 2014 and 2015; included on Adweek’s annual Hot List four times and most recently named Hottest Health/Fitness Magazine in both Editor and Readers’ Choice in 2015; named Advertising Age’s 2009 Magazine of the Year and also listed among their 2013 A-List winners. With 28 editions in 51 countries, the magazine continues to be the fastest growing women’s magazine in the world. Get more information at and get instant updates via Twitter (@WomensHealthMag) and Facebook (Women’s Health Magazine).

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