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My entire family consists of Disney fans; yes, parents included! My husband and I grew up on Disney books and movies and love sharing this with our children. They don’t know that Mickey didn’t come out just for them! It’s fun to show them a bit of the history of Disney from our generation and even before.


I was thrilled to receive An Animator’s Gallery by Erick Goldberg because it was like a walk down memory lane for me! It was so fun to see all of the characters from my generation in some of their original drawings as well as read up on their history.

This beautiful hardbound book is really big and makes a perfect coffee table book. Each page is labeled with the movie and the year. I found myself quite surprised by some of the age of these things I remember. It really dated me!

The beginning tells “The Story behind the book which included a lot of cool Disney history. The remainder of the book are the illustrations or “The Art”.


My kids had fun looking through it and seeing some characters they recognize but also asked a lot of questions about who others were. We had an interesting discussion on how much Mickey Mouse has changed and evolved over the years!

An Animator’s Gallery is a fun book for Disney fans young and old and makes a wonderful collectors item!


About the Book

This whimsical, deluxe Art Deco-themed art book showcases Walt Disney characters in a style reminiscent of caricatures from the famed walls of Sardi’s and The Brown Derby. Disney Supervising Animator and Director Eric Goldberg drew a little more than 200 stylized images in a collection that first debuted as a display within the Roy E. Disney Animation Building in Burbank, California. Now with An Animator’s Gallery, the show comes right to you. Fans of all ages, and from all over, can enjoy Eric’s playful portraits, starting with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse through characters from Frozen and Big Hero 6. Bonus sections will even feature some of the most beloved characters from Pixar.

About the Contributors

Author Bio:
DAVID A.BOSSERT received a B.F.A. in Character Animation from CalArts School of Film.Mr. Bossert has been with The Walt Disney Company for more than thirty years.He has served as a producer, director, associate producer, artisticcoordinator, visual effects supervisor, and effects animator on various filmsand is currently serving as the producer, creative director and head of SpecialProjects at Walt Disney Animation Studios. His film work includes The LittleMermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The LionKing, Pocahontas, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Tim Burton’sThe Nightmare Before Christmas, Hercules, Fantasia/2000,and the Academy Award-nominated shorts Runaway Brain, Destino, andLorenzo. Dave produced and directed the award-winning documentary onmusic in animation titled The Tunes Behind the Toons. He mostrecently wrote the biography Remembering Roy E. Disney: Memories andPhotos of a Storied Life for Disney Editions, and is the co-author of DisneyAnimated, which was named iPad App of 2013 by Apple. You can connect withDave on Facebook and/or Linked-In.

Illustrator Bio:
ERIC GOLDBERG, supervising animator and director at the Walt Disney AnimationStudios, has brought to life Aladdin’s Genie, Hercules’s Phil, ThePrincess and the Frog’s Louis, and many more. Mr. Goldberg codirected theAcademy Award–winning Pocahontas and directed two segments, “Rhapsody inBlue” and “The Carnival of the Animals, Finale,” in Fantasia/2000. Most recentlyhe led the hand-drawn animation team on the satirical short Get a Horse!,starring Mickey and friends, which debuted in theaters with Frozen.Before joining The Walt Disney Company in 1990, he founded and ran his ownaward-winning animation house, Pizazz Pictures, in London.

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