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When I had my second child I quit my job to stay at home full time. I made the decision to start making homemade baby food since I finally had the time to do so. It was a small investment to do so but I know I saved in the long run since I made baby food for my last two kids and didn’t have to buy costly store bought food anymore. The health benefits also far outweigh any price I paid.

To start I bought a steamer and pureed the baby food and then a baby food container for easy storage. I have tried a few different kinds but I really like the Loti silicon container for a few different reasons.

The main thing I look for is that it’s freezer safe. Baby food only stays good for a couple of days so it’s really best to prepare it and then freeze it. This particular tray has seven different sections so you can either make one big batch of the same thing or put several different items in it. I prefer to do one big batch at a time so I know exactly what is in the tray!

It comes with a nice lid that’s thick and durable and has tiny little tabs that go over the edges to give it an extra secure seal.

The silicone is really thick and sturdy so it doesn’t bend and spill. I’ve had a few cheaper variations that were floppy and as soon as I’d pick it up; it would tilt and spill. This one I can hold one handed without worrying about spillage. When you have a baby on your hip you only have one hand to spare!

This food storage container is top quality and I know it’ll last! I really like giving my kids a great start with healthy homemade baby food and this helps me to do so.




Product Description

EVERY TIME NO SPILLS, EASY TO USE – Each Non Stick Pods allows easy filling which simply pops out with just a gentle squeeze. Eco-friendly Premium Grade, Silicone 100% Spill-Proof: Our Silicone Baby Food Storage containers don’t bend, making them completely spill-proof for their entire lifetime.
SAFE PRODUCT FOR PEACE OF MIND – FDA APPROVED, BPA-Free, FOOD GRADE Silicone Baby Food Containers are completely safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer.
HEALTHY FOOD in PERFECT PORTIONS – Fill each 2oz. pod of your Baby Food Storage Container with healthy homemade food and be safe in the knowledge that you know what your little ones are eating at each meal time
BE CREATIVE – FANTASTIC GIFT IDEA- Our Food Storage containers can be used for so much more than just baby food e.g Dips – Humus, Tzatziki, Salsa etc. Frozen Yogurt, Preserving Fresh Herbs ,Ice Pops, Mini-Muffins, CupCakes, Child Size Healthy Snacks and for the little ones to be creative your Silicone Storage Containers can be used for PAINTs!! With a little imagination and some creativity the list becomes endless and will make great baby shower gift, or just a fun birthday or Christmas gift!
**LIFE TIME GUARANTEE** – We believe that our Baby Food Storage Containers will always be of high standards and quality This we promise to you. That is why for your peace of mind we provide a 100% Life Time Guarantee with all our products. See Packaging for more details.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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