Belle’s New Favorite Collar Really Suits her! #BlueberryPet #Pets


When we first got our dogs we got them a couple of cheapie collars at the local department store. They were super thin with nothing to them except basically a band and a clasp. Needless to say, they didn’t last long! When I start getting products from Blueberry Pet and saw the difference in quality, I decided those would be the ONLY thing we got.


We got a couple of harnesses that we loved but also needed some new collars to replace the bad ones. I really like getting Belle pretty girly things to distinguish the fact that she’s a girl! I loved the new Reflective multi colored collar because of the fun colors! I got the pink with green stripes because those are two of my favorite color combos!

I really like the width a lot! It’s perfect for her and the colors look so pretty against her fur. For her I need it on the tightest setting. There is a tab to pull along to cover it in the middle to avoid any looping out.



The two rings meet at the back top so that you can attach a leash to them. The buckle connects easily and disconnects by simply squeezing.


I like the separate ring to put their dog license on instead of having it be the same one as the leash connector. That way you don’t accidentally pull it off and lose it.


This collar is top quality as I knew it would be and I love taking Belle for walks and showing off her new collar!




Product Description

Medium Width 3/4″, Neck 14.5-20″
The collar is not for tie out. The black color buckles are made of ecofriendly plastic.
The 3M reflective threads are only stitched in part of the nylon webbing. Not the entire webbing is embedded with reflective threads.
The loop tied to the logo is specifically designed for the purpose of attaching dog charms, tags, pendants or accessories. Please do not attach any dog leash with this loop.
Please measure your pets carefully for making the right purchase. Always look at the size chart for the recommended weight range to confirm the size.


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