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We have several Lego, Mega Blocks and K’nex sets and while I would love for them to remain built as the building or vehicle they were designed to be, my sons have different and more creative plans for them. They build all sorts of things and explain it to me. Build, play, explain, repeat. I understand why my kids like these kinds of building blocks and I appreciate how much they are learning without even knowing it.

We have a table that was designed for trains, but these days we play with building blocks on it. The Building Block Baseplates from Creative QT work great on the table. I have one pack which comes with four baseplates and with the addition of about two more packs and some cutting we will be able to cover the complete table.


I think I will attach the baseplates with Velcro to the table. That way the kids can take them off and just play with one baseplate if they want like they have been since we got them. Luckily, the train table top can still be flipped over to be used for trains if we still want or the trains can be used on top of the baseplates and they can even combine the trains with the building blocks!


The Building Block Baseplates by Creative QT are compatible with all the building block sets we have and they have been great for all the building my sons have been up to. I am excited to add them to our train table to make it an official building block table too!

Product Description

This is the best deal you will find on baseplates

Factory seconds due to slight color blemish or slight warp. These are still guaranteed to fit LEGO style blocks.

20″ X 20″ total area.

If glued down to make a play table, they should still work perfectly. a little weight on them will push them flat and they should glue down as well as any other plate.

Guaranteed to fit LEGO blocks or your money back.


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