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Having three kids means having lots of adventures! I have one Cub Scout, one Girl Scout and one active little toddler so we do lots of exploring together!

I got this magnifying glass with them in mind but I have to confess, I might need to keep it for myself! I’m a month away from forty and my eyes have really stated to go! I don’t understand why the “fine print” on labels has to be quite so fine but sometimes things are so small I literally can’t read them without help! I feel like a little old lady busting out a magnifying glass to help me but what a great help it has been!


I knew as soon as I opened the box I was looking at a quality product and I was pleasantly surprised. Since it’s around $20 I didn’t think it would be top quality but it is.

The set comes with three different sizes and they are really easily interchanged by squeezing the sides on the handle, popping one off and the other on.


The handle is thick and sturdy and comfortable to hold and fits comfortably in my hand. I can see myself being able to hold it for long periods of time without my hand hurting or cramping.


I love the LED light feature! There are just two tiny little lights on the back but they are surprisingly powerful. It requires three AAA batteries that it does not come with. They are easily installed in the handle and it even has one of those nice little ribbons to make them easy to pop out. You can switch it off and on easily with the button right on the handle.

The set comes with a complete set of instructions but ironically I didn’t need them at all. It seems like complicated things DON’T come with instructions but things like this that are simple to use do come with them! They will come in handy if I ever have questions or issues I’m sure but I didn’t need them at all for initial set up and use.


I guess since my kids love to explore I’ll have to let them borrow my magnifying glass set from time to time but I love it so much I’m keeping it for my general use. My tired old eyes seem to have a use for their assistance almost daily now!




Product Description

Your 3-in-1 Magnifying Glass Solution
When reading fine print, instructional drawings, or performing any task which requires precision, a magnifying glass is essential. The Ulensy LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass with it’s 3 levels of magnification is the perfect magnifier glass for reading for the visually challenged, professionals, or hobbyists. It’s especially useful for the elderly who have trouble reading prescription bottles.

One Set for Any Task
Switching to any of the (3) magnification glasses in the Ulensy Set is simple! By pressing the side buttons, the lens currently in use is released. Then, just snap another lens in! As simple as 1,2,3!

At Home, Work, or On The Road
Tough and portable, The Ulensy Magnifier Set is your personal magnification glass no matter where you go! Due to its sturdy handle and durably constructed lenses, even the kids can safely use it for schools or for science fair projects.

A Light in the Darkness
Even in pitch black darkness, the Ulensy lighted magnifying glass is your solution! Three AAA battery powered energy efficient LED lights are built into the handle, providing light anytime you need it.

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