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Jax just turned two and so we’ve really started working on things like learning his colors, shapes and how to count. I try to get him educational toys that accomplish this while he’s having fun!

Montessori is known for their highly effective teaching methods so I was really excited about this Domino Set that helps teach counting.

It comes with Dominoes in the numbers one to nine and then the corresponding number itself. They are all cut differently and fit together like puzzle pieces. Only the correct answer will fit so it shows kids instantly whether they are right or wrong.


Jax is barely two so he doesn’t quite get the counting part yet. What I’ve been doing to work with teaching him to count is just count the numbers outloud myself and then show him the correct one. Sometimes I show him the wrong one to show him that the wrong answer doesn’t fit.

He already gets the concept of the puzzle and what fits and doesn’t so it’s just a matter of time until he puts it all together.

The puzzle pieces are good quality and I like that they are eco-friendly. They come in a box where they all fit perfectly and then the top slides right on. As a bonus it comes with a storage bag that ensures even more pieces won’t get lost.


Having a toddler means that everything is a learning opportunity and this wooden number puzzle set is a fun way to learn to count!




Product Description

Made with eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood.
Self-correcting domino number puzzles teach basic counting and numeral recognition skills.
High-quality, durable puzzle pieces contained in their own box with a sliding top. Easy for kids to open and close on their own.
Individual puzzles are about 3 inches across and fit together in a 10-inch-long box.
Handmade in the Czech Republic.


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