We can Finally go Night Riding with this Extreme Bike Light System! #BikeLight


One of the fun things about camping out in the desert is doing some night riding on our Quads! Unfortunately, the kids quads don’t come equipped to do so. While our larger Quads have lights to guide the way, the little ones don’t so we haven’t been able to take them before now.

Our friend we camp with recommended getting a bike light that is removable and most importantly, re-chargeable! This Extreme 2600 Lumen Bike Light while designed for a regular bike is also perfect for our Quads!


Since the light is so bright and spreads out to cover a large area in front of and beside the quad, it really is perfect for what we need.

It comes with everything needed to mount it and charge it.


I like that no tools are required which is probably my favorite feature! The fact that it is rechargeable is also extremely important. We don’t want to have to be replacing batteries. For things like this, rechargeable is a necessity. This battery lasts six hours. While we haven’t used it that long yet, after several hours it shows no signs of dimming.

It comes in a nice box with cushion to protect it and is good enough quality to keep it as a storage system.

We are really happy with the quality of this bike light and that we can use it for both our regular bikes when we are at a campground and for our quads when out in the desert. Now we just need to get another set for our other quad and we’ll be good to go for night rides!



Product Description

✔ COMPACT & LIGHT: Perfect balance of weight/size/power @ 2600 Lumens 5x Cree XML-T6 LED. Light the road and see the difference.
✔ RELIABLE BATTERY PACK: 6Hr Max Capacity With An Indestructible ABS Polymer Rugged Design
✔ STUPIDBRIGHT™ GUARANTEE: 100% Satisfaction 60 day money back guarantee. 100% Guaranteed 2 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty.
✔ NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Universal Fit On All Bicycles. Conveniently Install & Remove With No Tools.
✔ WATER & SHOCK PROOF: Fitted For Any Weather Condition & Designed To Take A Hit
Complete High Intensity Water & Shock Proof LED Bicycle Lighting System
Thanks to the feedback from all our loyal customers we have upgraded our light set multiple times to create the ultimate bike lighting system to offer the following:
· A ridiculous amount of brightness where absolutely no one can miss
· Light emittance from all sides keeping vehicles at safer distance
· Increased vision at night to easily see everything that is ahead
· A solid complete water & shock proof system for any conditions you meet outdoors
· A guaranteed 6 hour max run-time for those extended trips
· A trusted battery pack that simply works and will not fail
Ease of use:
· Quick & easy install that fits any bike available
· Easy 3 mode switch from battery conservation, full brightness for darker areas, to an alarming strobe for day time warning



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