I’m Hoping the Third Kid’s the Charm with Potty Training! #PottyTraining #LilJumbl


I absolutely dread potty training. It’s so hard! At least it was for my first two kids so I wasn’t holding my breath that my third would be any different. And then this happened! I heard a commotion and turned around to find him sitting on the Lil Jumbl Potty all by himself without being prompted or asked!

I took it out of the box and set it up a couple weeks ago. I said nothing to him and just left it there. He follows us all in the bathroom and knows the word “potty” so he knew what it was. I just decided this kid was not going to be pushed and would do it when he was good and ready.

He just turned two so I figure I have at least another year to go. Maybe not though! He just decided to try it out, dropped his pants and actually pooped (in his diaper) but sitting on the potty! Before this moment I didn’t even know he could get his pants up and down by himself. It looks like he may be closer to ready than I realized!


This potty is super bright and colorful and I’m sure that’s part of the appeal for him.


It also comes in other colors including fun pink for girls.


I like that it’s really low to the ground because I think that takes out the fear factor a lot of kids have about falling off a potty. It also has handles on the side so they can hold on if they want and it makes moving it around easy too!

It also has a cover which is kind of cute and funny to me but makes sense too! If they go to the bathroom on their own, it’d be nice to have it covered until mom has a chance to empty it!


This potty may have been just what Jax needed to get started on potty training! I’ve moved it into the bathroom. The next move is his!




Product Description

Bright, Colorful Potty (Blue, Green, Pink, or Light Pink) Grabs Your Child’s Attention
Fun, Inspired Design is Proven to Encourage Successful Potty Training in Youngsters
Lightweight, Easily Portable Unit is Ideal for Use Both at Home & When Traveling
Comfortable Form-Fitted Seat is Kind to the Behind
Color-Matched Deflection Shield & Cover Eliminate Messiness & Promote Hygiene


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