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Like many others, I really let myself go over the holidays! Between the goodies I consumed and the lack of time or energy to exercise, I packed on a few holiday pounds! I was doing really good this year too with running and had dropped my excess weight. Unfortunately before I knew it several weeks had gone by without me running.

I can’t just get out there and run again like no time had passed. I have to work back up to it and I usually begin by walking, then power walking, then jogging and finally running.

I started using a pocket pedometer to track my steps because it has dual walking and running mode technology. I love that it moves seamlessly between modes so the day that I realize I can run again, the pedometer will make the transition right along with me.

It comes fully equipped with all the options I need so that I can clip it on a pocket or clamp it onto a belt. I like the different options sot hat I don’t have to plan my outfits around my pedometer. It’s hard enough to get up the motivation to exercise. I want to be able to just go!


The pedometer itself is super lightweight and you won’t even know you’re carrying it. I like the easy display and obvious buttons to move between modes. There’s nothing to decode here and I didn’t have to read the instructions to use it! I like the simplicity.

I really like to know how many calories and how much fat I’ve burned and this shows you both. It’s like an extra little motivator. The steps are helpful too but I’m personally more interested in the results. It’s fun once you see how it works to set different goals each day. Maybe your goal is hitting 10,000 steps or you want to burn 300 calories. Whatever it is, this can help you track it.

This Pedometer is probably the easiest I’ve used and has all the options I need to get myself back to running!




Product Description

Records daily steps (walking or running), distance, speed, calories, fat burned and exercise time with the world’s most advanced tri-axis technology
Designed for ultimate versatility, the 4x3runner is the world’s first pedometer to feature dual walking and running modes with 3D tri-axis sensor (x, y, z plane detection) that provides superior accuracy in any position.
New steps2goal feature tracks and calculates your steps toward your daily target and displays your progress
Counts up to 1 million steps with built-in memory for 30 days of activity. Also features a clock, calendar and sports timer and auto sleep mode technology
Used by professional athletes, the water resistant 4x3runner boasts a slim design that fits in any pocket and large easy to use buttons; 100% satisfaction guaranteed



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