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My seven year old son Reed is just at the age where he is started to get into comic books. Now that he can read fluently I look for anything to keep him entertained. I want him to love reading as much as I do but when you are first starting out, it’s a different kind of reading. It has to be simple enough for him to read easily and grasp the concepts as well as entertaining for him to want to read in the first place.

The Lion Comic Hero Bible immediately jumped out to me because I’d never seen anything like it before. The cover was impressive with it’s characters of the Bible drawn as they would look as what they really are: superheroes.

Little boys love super heroes and actually so does my little girl! To give them this picture of Jesus as the superhero that he is truly is genius.

The Bible stories are written and drawn just as they would be in a comic book with everything from the print to the layout and illustrations.


My son immediately snatched this up and began reading. He absolutely loves it! I was really intrigued by it as well. There’s just something about it that tells the same stories of the Bible in a whole new way.

There were a couple of things I didn’t love. Each story has a title at the beginning. I wish that it also showed the Bible reference since it is supposed to be a Bible. It does have a unique title to each story that gives it appeal like “Waterworld” for the story of Noah’s Ark and “The River Baby” for Moses. I just wish it had the Bible reference as well.

The Table of Contents doesn’t list the reference either. It can only be found at the end of the book under the “Bible Reference” page which I thought was a strange choice. I think it should be at the beginning tied into the Table of Contents as well as on each page of the story.

Other than that, it’s a beautiful masterpiece that tells the Bible in a way never told before, which is really hard to do these days!


My son has been reading The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible daily which makes me happy and opens the doors to lots of opportunity for questions and discussion. This is a great version of the Bible for young ones who want to see it in a whole new way.




About the Book

A stunning new comic book version of the Bible, now given the superhero treatment by the team behind The Lion Graphic Bible and The Manga Bible

The story of the Bible is a unique tale of origins and cosmic powers; of the ageless battle between good and evil; of human potential and human treachery; and of a Messiah—a savior for the world. This is indeed the stuff that graphic novels are made of. Superheroes are the biggest comic genre of all, with many heroes having their origins in biblical characterization and imagery. This is the first Bible retelling to engage with the superhero genre. The Lion Comic Book Bible is a dynamic expression of the Bible’s depth and power, produced in the style of Marvel Comics. You’ve heard of Spiderman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Now meet Earthman, Lawman, Warrior Man, and many others. With dynamic illustration using a range of styles, Siku (Old Testament) and Jeff Anderson (New Testament) bring the Bible stories alive for a new and graphically sophisticated generation.


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