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When you have kids, baby gates are a necessity. In my case I have kids and dogs I want to keep isolated to certain areas! While Jax is about to turn two and the dangers are slightly less, I still like to keep him out of certain areas.

Now that he is super tall and about to celebrate another birthday, the little monkey has learned to climb! He figured out how to go OVER the gate, even though he never figured out how to unlatch it. When I saw the Extra Tall option for a gate, I knew it was something we had to have!


Like our other Dreambaby gate, this one is pressure mounted so you don’t do need to do permanent damage to walls for a temporary gate. Once your child is older and you don’t feel it’s needed anymore you can simply remove it without any damage being done. Since we had another Dreambaby gate up for a couple of years, I know how nice of an option this is!

Unlike our old gate, this one has a stay open feature which I love! Sometimes I don’t mind Jax wandering the whole house, especially when the dogs are out and I don’t have to watch them too! This one can stay open which is perfect for a toddler who you are slowly giving more freedom to.


The latch is easy enough to do with one hand and my six and seven year olds can do it but my two year old can not.


This gate is great for toddlers since it’s extra tall and they can’t climb over, at least not yet anyway!



Product Description

Dreambaby Liberty extra tall security gate is a fantastic addition to every childproof home. They are suitable for doorways and hallways sized 30″ to 32.25″ (75-84 cm) and is 36.5″ tall . With optional extensions, sold separately, they can fit openings up to 53.25″. For the quiet times when your child is asleep, or while carrying in the shopping with not a spare finger left to be able to open a gate, it has the absolutely fabulous stay-open feature. Just position the door in the stay-open position and it will stay wide open till you choose to close it. The door also has an auto close feature so that it will swing close and lock automatically. These gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss free installation with no screws or drilling required-perfect for temporary or rental properties.



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