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If you know my toddler Jax, you know Lambie! Lambie & Me is his bop buddy he got around five months old that instantly became his best friend. It’s a stuffed lamb attached to his pacifier that became his constant companion. Now that he’s almost two we’re trying to break him of the pacifier but Lambie is going in his box of treasures to save!

To me the name Lambie & Me is synonymous with sentiment but also with quality. When I heard they were coming out with the Muslin Swaddle blankets I love so much, I had to give them a try. Jax is technically past swaddling age but I still adore these blankets!

They come in a super cute partner of Caterpillar & Dots and there are two of each in this adorable gift box set. I like that they colors work for a boy or a girl without being your typical yellow and green. These colors are right on trend with what’s popular today!


While my old set of muslin blankets were large, they were nowhere near this huge! These are 47 x 47! I played one out with my daughter’s 18″ doll to swaddle it and I couldn’t believe the size!


Once I saw how big it was I realized maybe it wasn’t too big for my toddle! It actually more than covers him and makes the perfect lightweight blanket! I’m so excited to have these for him even though he’s past swaddling!


I have tried three different brands of swaddling blankets and these are by far the largest, best quality, the cutest patterns AND the most inexpensive! I know we will enjoy these for years to come. They even have directions on the back of the box if you struggled with how to swaddle like me! It also has other suggestions for use like a stroller cover, changing or play mat, nursing cover, travel blanket and burp cloth.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, these baby swaddle blankets would make the perfect gift for boy or girl, even if they are past swaddling age!




Product Description

Moms everywhere are raving about the amazing snuggly softness of the Lambie & Me swaddle blanket sets for boys or girls. Muslin cotton has been around for centuries, but its popularity has re-surged with recent generations of mothers looking for only the softest. The fabric has an open weave, similar to mesh or gauze, and is light-weight allowing the infant’s body temperature to naturally regulate. These muslin cotton swaddle blankets are GOTS Certified, gentle on a baby’s skin yet durable to grow with them as they get bigger.


The Bop Buddie

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