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The Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids is in my favorite translation of the Bible: the NIV. When it comes to Bibles there are two main things that are important to me. The biggest thing is the translation. I grew up reading the NIV so that’s what I’m most familiar with and have the easiest time understanding. After that it’s basically all about the aesthetics which is why this Bible appealed to me.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it reminded me of all those “Family Rules” signs that are so popular right now with the different colors and fonts and sizes. This continues on the inside as well with the presentation page and books of the Bible.


The other thing I really like is the use of color throughout. There is a really pretty light blue used in a lot of the text that just made it pop.


This page is also an example of the book introductions which is basically a breakdown of who, why, what, when and where. I love the way they used this method to explain the book. It’s a really helpful overview.

Another great feature is How to Use this Bible which explains exactly that. While the Bible should be our roadmap for life; sometimes we need an interpreter to read our map! Think of this as that kind of tool. It’s great for young kids to have it explained in such simple terms, and for their moms too!


I really like the Big dreams and Big prayers devotions section as well. What better things to have our kids focused on, especially since they go hand in hand!


The Big Dreams Big Prayers Bible focuses on two aspects of life I know I want my kids to focus on that really go together. This would make a great gift for kiddos this Christmas!

About the Book

The Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids, NIV includes the complete New International Version (NIV) of the Bible along with devotions, prayers, and highlighted verses to help kids pray and listen for God’s answers to their prayers. Features include:

Presentation page for personalization and gift giving.
Devotions about people who prayed and listened to God such as Abraham, Hannah, and Job.
The Lord’s Prayer explained for kids.
The “hand” prayer model to help kids remember to pray for others and themselves.
Highlighted verses great for memorization and meditation.
Book introductions explain what each book of the Bible is about.
Prayer journaling pages with space to record personal prayers and answers to prayer.
Reading plans.
Complete text of the New International Version (NIV).
Complete text of the New International Version (NIV).

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